Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose What Do You Really Want?

We all want something in life. A new car, a new relationship, financial freedom…

But what do we really want?

COVID-19 has given us all an opportunity to see what the most important thing in our lives is. And that is what it is that gives our life its greatest meaning and purpose. For a great many of us, that meaning and purpose is something that is greater than ourselves.

What’s your objective?

If we return to the stage, for the actor, The Stanislavski system of Objectives refers to a character’s wants within a play. He theorized that the character will always want to achieve something by the end of the play and that every decision they make should lead them towards that goal in some way.

So how does this apply to us—the vast majority of people who are not actors or have zero affiliation with the stage? The truth is, actor or not, most us don’t go through life carefully considering every action we take and it’s role within our life’s purpose … but what if we did?         

In a movie or play, an objective is a goal that a character wants to achieve. For the actor, this is often worded in a question form as “What do I want?” Examples- I want her to love me, I want to get the job, I want an apology, I want to get out jail… An objective for a particular character may simply be “to pour a cup of coffee.” For each scene, the actor must discover the character’s objective. Every objective is different for each actor involved because they are based on the characters of the script.

If we apply this to our daily lives, we all want something, day to day, moment to moment, don’t we? Of course we do. Even if it’s as simple as saying, “I want to look nice before I go shopping… even if I’m wearing a mask!” My objective, right now is to write this article. It’s quite a simple objective but an objective it is, nonetheless. My objective for the day is to have a productive day despite being really tired. Moment to moment, day to day, ditch to ditch… But what if we paid better attention to what it is that we really wanted beyond the mere moment to moment?

What’s Your Super-Objective?

If we return to the stage, a super-objective, in contrast, focuses on the entire play as a whole. A super-objective directs and connects an actor’s overall choice of objectives from scene to scene, moment to moment. You might look at the super-objective as a guiding force or magnet to pull the actor along his or her journey on stage. The super-objective serves as the final goal that a character wishes to achieve within the script.

And so it is with us.

Your Greater Story (and we all have one) is another way of looking at the super-objective.  Thought leader, Simon Sinek, calls it The Why. Call it any name you like, it is that which gives our life its purpose and meaning. And it is the power we are all looking to connect to, on a day to day, moment to moment basis to radically transform our lives and make our greatest impact on humanity.

Actor or not, one of the most powerful questions you can ever ask yourself is “what do I really want?”

We all have a super-objective, and a greater story, waiting in the wings. All we simply need to do is awaken to it and allow it to connect and direct us into the actions of our daily lives.

When we are able to awaken to our life purpose, challenges, obstacles, and conflict take on a whole different meaning.

They become our greatest gifts to help take us the next step into living our Greater Story. 

Jesse Wilson is a Communications Specialist, Human Connection Trainer, 2-time TEDx Speaker, Author, and Performer. The CEO of “Tell the Winning Story,” Jesse has taught hundreds of personal transformation workshops across the country, helping people make communication breakthroughs into their authentic selves. A Juilliard Theater Graduate, Jesse shares with audiences how the lessons from the stage can help ANYONE step into a much more powerful role when you can envision your greater role, and your greater story, waiting to take center stage. You can connect with Jesse Wilson at



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