Back to School Style Guide: From Top to Toe

The holidays are almost over. Have you picked the perfect outfit for the first day of school? Did you choose a backpack? If you have not done that, start thinking about back-to-school clothes and backpacks. Planning is a prerequisite for feeling great about one’s appearance on the first day. But, then, choosing appropriate outfits or fashionable backpacks can be a head-scratching exercise.

If you are stuck and cannot decide, follow this back-to-school guide. It will help you make the right choice.

Wear What Is Comfortable

Pick back-to-school outfits that you are comfortable in, such as a cardigan, cargo pants, zip-up hoodie, jogger sweatpants, leggings, or crop tops and jeans. You will feel relaxed and confident in them. And, whatever pieces you wear, make sure they reflect your personality.

Follow Trends While Being You

You do not have to follow the latest fashion trend because you want to fit in. You can mix and match your clothes and create your own trend. Back-to-school fashion is a combination of comfort, self-expression, and style. So, pick back-to-school clothes that allow easy movement throughout the day, reflect your thoughts and ideas, and make you look stylish.

You can incorporate your favorite trends or celebrities’ styles into your outfits or opt for streetwear fashion or casual and relaxed clothes. Choose outfits that make your personal style shine. Be you in whatever you decide to wear to school.

Add Statement Accessories

Transform your style with statement accessories such as playful scarves, chunky earrings, layer bracelets, watches, sunglasses, belts, and hair accessories. All these will enhance your outfit.

When shopping for clothes, do not forget to check out fashionable backpacks. Back-to-school backpacks significantly contribute to your personal style statement. Pick one with a unique design, features geometrical designs, or is in bold, vibrant color and has an interesting texture. Like your back-to-school clothes, backpacks should also reflect your style and be functional.

Prioritize Comfortable Footwear

Shoes are an integral part of back-to-school fashion. Select footwear that goes with your back-to-school clothes; for example, if you are a jeans-and-t-shirt person, invest in a good pair of sneakers. As you will wear your shoes all day, they should also be comfortable and versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits.

It is not just children who will return to their schools or colleges in the fall. Teachers, too, will be back to school. So, what should be the teacher’s style? They, too, need to consider comfort along with a classy personal style. They can wear a shirt or t-shirt, blazer, straight-leg jeans or straight-leg trousers, and ankle boots or loafers. They can combine their jeans with sweaters as well. Teachers should look sophisticated and smart in their clothes and accessories.

Start Shopping Now!

It is best not to leave things to the last moment. Start your back-to-school shopping at least two weeks in advance. Before you do that, set the budget for your back-to-school outfits and statement accessories, including backpacks. Do not pick clothes and accessories randomly. They should match your personality and make you feel comfortable and confident.

Happy Shopping! Make a great impression on the first day.



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