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Basement Leak Repair; What Causes Leaky Wet Basement and How To Deal With It

Spring rains bring life to your flowers and all the plants in your garden, but it can also bring problems if all that water is leaking into your basement. If this is a problem you face whenever it rains, you are not alone. Many homes have wet basement issues, and the only way to solve this is through basement leak repair.

To accomplish basement leak repair, you should start by identifying what causes your basement to leak, especially when it rains. By knowing the source of your basement leak, you will be able to find the right solution to fix the problem.

1. Causes of Basement Leaks.

Basement leaks are mainly caused by pressure generated by water contained in the soil which surrounds the foundation. There are two distinct kinds of pressure that can result in basement leaks:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure. It is generated during periods of heavy or persistent rains when the soil gets saturated with water. The pressure generated, also called water pressure, pushes moisture and water through the walls and floor of your basement. If your basement is not strong enough, it allows water to find its way through the porous material and finally in your basement.
  • Lateral Pressure. It is also called sideways pressure and is generated when the soil around the foundation expands. This happens when clogged gutters and downspouts discharge water directly near the foundation. As a result, the area around your house floods and the foundation soil absorbs more water and expands. The result is extensive damage to your foundation and development of leaks in the basement. This can have adverse effects on your basement if not taken care of immediately.
  • Window wells are another cause of water leaks into the basement. The window wells fill up with water if they are not installed correctly or if the drains get clogged. When heavy rains fall, the excess water seeps down to your basement. One true indication of leaky basement windows is the presence of water stains on the walls.

When you see signs of a leaky basement, you should opt for basement leak repair as soon as possible. Failure to do so, the problem could get bigger and increase the basement leak repair cost because, in case of a flooded basement, the water causes a lot of damage to other parts of your home and also wooden furniture.

2. How Water Finds Its Way Into Your Basement.

There are various ways through which water can finds its way into your basement.

  • Through gaps and cracks in the floor and walls.
  • At the joints where the walls meet the floor.
  • Through the cracks in foundation joints and mortar joints.

3. Basement Leak Repair.

When it comes to basement leak repair, there are some steps you can take to seal leaks and maintain your basement always dry and odourless. Some of these approaches include the following;

  • Cleaning the gutters- one of the main cause of a wet basement is clogged gutters. When it rains, water overflows and end up around the foundation of your home. The water seeps down, and due to lateral pressure, it finds its way into your walls and basement. So, to avoid this problem, get rid of the debris and leaves that accumulate in your gutters. You can do that by installing guards and manually removing the debris. Another effective way you can avoid downpour around the foundation is by connecting your gutters with downspouts to direct water away from your home’s foundation.
  • Improve grading- it is essential to ensure that the soil surrounding your foundation is pitched away from your home so that water is directed to the yard rather than to the foundation.
  • Repair window wells- installing window well covers are the best way to ensure that your windows wells are free of debris and leaves that cause your drain to clog and direct water to your foundation.
  • Install interior waterproofing system- though it is an expensive basement leak repair, it the most effective method. This minimises hydrostatic pressure which is one of the main causes of a wet basement.

If you adhere to these measures, you will avoid high basement leak repair cost in future.

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