Basic Facilities And Amenities To Check Before Choosing Student Housing

You could be a parent looking for accommodation for your kid who is just going to an institute far away from home. Or you could be a dean of an institute looking to settle your students for a time being. Whatever be your role, when you are looking at student housing options, you need to look at several amenities and facilities that will support the kids during their stay. The building itself should have several amenities that make the space comfortable. The building should be located in a place that has everything students need, and the building should be safe. Check off each item on the list below before making your final choice.

Kitchenettes And Refrigerators

Any viable Student housing in Denver option should have kitchenettes and refrigerators that allow you to cook your food, store your food, and keep perishable items cool. A kitchenette should have a full-size stove with four burners, an oven, and a refrigerator that has an attached freezer. The freezer should have an icemaker, and you may want a fridge that has a front-mounted ice/water dispenser.

Private Rooms

The student building you choose should have private rooms. Every student should have a space that is all their own. To be sure, the room does not need to be extremely large. However, students need a room where they can close the door to get some privacy. This is especially important when students are changing clothes, studying, or trying to get some sleep.


Student housing in Denver may contain suites that have up to four rooms. The suite will have a common area and kitchenette in the middle. There should be more than one bathroom, and the bathrooms should not be shared with other suites. You do not want strange people walking in the other door of your bathroom while you are trying to take a shower.

Solo Rooms

Solo rooms are useful in a student housing facility if kids would prefer to live on their own. Some students keep odd hours or do not want to be in a suite with three strangers. You can request a solo room that also has a private bathroom that attaches to the room. These rooms tend to book rather quickly. You should ask for a solo room as soon as possible.


There should be a security team that watches the front door of the facility. The security guard or desk attendant will sign in every visitor, and they will check ID cards when students enter the building. Anyone who is not authorized to enter the building will be denied access. Plus, there should be security cameras throughout the building that help track intruders. Some buildings even have a security camera and buzzer outside the door. Anyone who does not live in the building needs to be buzzed in before they can enter the lobby.

How Far Is The Building From The School?

Students will likely stay in places like Lincoln Park, Curtis Park, and Congress Park when they travel to Denver. They can easily commute to schools like the Denver College of Nursing, the University of Colorado-Denver, Metro State University, or the Community College of Denver.

You should choose a building that is close to the school where the students will study, and you may want to choose a building that is close to public transportation. When the students can easily get on and off public transit, they can get to school safely.

Is The Area Well-Lit?

You must look at how the area is lit at night. Street lights should be abundant in the neighborhood where the building is located. Street lights make it safer for the kids to walk home alone at night, and street lights make the security cameras around the building more effective.

Shops And Restaurants In The Community

When the students can go to shops and restaurants in the community, they are much more likely to enjoy the area. These students can explore the area on the off-hours, and they will truly enjoy living away from home. Some of these students will make friends in the neighborhood, and these friends become like a second family to the students.

Does The Building Offer A Discount For Certain Schools?

You may get a discount if your students are studying at a certain school, or you may get a discount if you are a graduate student in a certain field of study. You might ask for a discount if you are able to fill an entire suite, or you could ask for special accommodations when you know your student needs some privacy. Ensure that the housing company will work with you so that you are paying a fair price.


The student housing facility that you choose for your student or students should have all the best amenities including a kitchenette, private bathrooms, and a security team. You want the kids to go to school in an area that will welcome them with open arms, and you should find a location that is close to the school the students are attending. Denver offers a number of lovely communities and quality schools for your students.

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