Been Involved In An Accident With A Huge Truck? See Your Lawyer

The statistics overwhelmingly indicate that it is highly likely that you will be involved in at least one serious car accident involving injury during your lifetime. I hope and pray that it is not with a large truck. Injuries in truck accidents are generally much more severe than in car accidents

Over two million people are injured in traffic accidents annually in the U.S. Your odds of being involved in a car accident are one crash out of 366 for every 1,000 miles distance driven.

The injuries to victims of accidents involving trucks are almost always severe due to the weight and sheer size of the truck.

Imagine an 18 wheeler bearing down on a small vehicle and smashing into it due to losing control. The force and violence are enough to make you shudder at the thought.

Tractor-trailers or 18 wheeler trucks and semi-trucks crash and injure or kill a person every 15 minutes in the U.S.

About 500,000 trucking accidents are estimated to take place annually.

Those are truly shocking statistics.

Let’s see why you need to see a specialized truck accident attorney if you have been injured.

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Leave The Legal Worries With The Legal Warriors

After a truck accident, the chances are that your injuries will be severe and often debilitating and painful.

However, there will be legal matters to attend to. Insurance companies will be calling you, and an offer will be made.

The last thing you need is the added stress of dealing with the legal implications of the accident.

It would be best to concentrate on attending to your injuries and healing up.

Your lawyer is paid to take care of all the legal nitty-gritty, leaving you free to concentrate on getting injury recovery.

Set The Armaments And Get Ready For Battle

Inevitably, both the insurance company and the trucking company will be doing what they can to minimize payments to you.

These organizations will have access to legal departments and resources you do not have.

You can counter this by appointing your professionals to act on your behalf.

Send a clear signal that you mean business and won’t be pushed around by their lawyers.

You will see an immediate change in attitude and a more cautious approach towards yourself when you do.

Your Lawyer Will Protect You From Unscrupulous Insurance Companies

It is well known in the industry that insurance companies use all manner of tactics to trap accident victims into making statements that are later used against them and can lower the claim amount significantly.

As a rule of thumb, do not communicate with any insurance companies aside from telling them to contact your lawyer handling the matter on your behalf.

Your lawyer will handle communication with the insurance company, ensuring that all statements about the accident cannot be used to reduce your claim.

Ensure that you do not sign any settlement offers made to you by the insurance company before appointing your lawyer. If you do, you may lose your right to sue.

Go for Gold

Having a lawyer at your side when the insurance company offers settlements will give you the confidence and information to understand whether an offer is fair or unreasonable.

Since your lawyer deals with insurance companies and settlement agreements, they will have an excellent idea of what is acceptable and guide you in the right direction.

Consequently,  you will be dissuaded from signing settlement offers that look good but are a lot less than your actual entitlement.

Your attorney investigates all elements of the accident and identifies potential defendants, thereby maximizing potential payouts.

Your attorney will ensure that all damages are considered, including economic and non-economic damages, which could double or even triple your claim.

Legal Fees – Your Insurance And Their Risk

Most law firms work on contingency in these matters.

Once the contingent firm decides to take your case, you will not have to fund the case. Instead, the law firm will fully fund it.

Since the law firm is taking the risk of funding the case, they are not likely to take it if they do not know they will win.

Contingency fees are typically based on a percentage of the award received, which means that your lawyers will earn more from the case the more significant the award they get for you.

You only become liable for their fees after the award is made to you. No compensation, no costs!


Truck accident claims are tricky and highly specialized.

You wouldn’t see a general practitioner to have a complicated heart bypass operation, nor would you attempt to do it yourself.

Appoint the lawyer – you need expert advice.



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