Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman

We men like to think we are self-made. Many of us did have to fight our way to the top, and there is a certain amount of earned pride that comes along with that achievement. Yet the truth is we didn’t climb the mountain all alone. There are others who stood beside us and encouraged us along the way. Sometimes that lone cheerleader was a mother; other times, a wife or a girlfriend. But the truth is if you have achieved anything in your life, most often you have had someone behind you who believed in you and helped you to reach for the stars.

Societal Changes

It has been said that behind every great man is a great woman. Though it is unknown where this saying originated, it can be traced back to the early 1900’s. Life was different for men and for women then. Roles were more clearly defined and fell along very traditional lines with most women staying home to care for the house and children and to provide support for their husbands. They ensured that their husbands had regular meals and clean clothes. They kept the home tidy, neat, and organized. They mended clothing when needed, and they did all the shopping. These are but a few of the many roles a woman played in a home around the turn of the 20th century.

Today, the role of the woman has changed, but the fact that she stands behind her man, enabling him to achieve his dreams has remained the same. Though tasks centered around the home have been equally distributed and many women work to help provide for the things their families may need, they remain an important force behind the men that they love. 

How a Woman Primes Her Man for Success

Most women don’t even realize the importance of their role in a man’s life. They simply do what comes instinctively to them out of a heart of love. But these quiet natural gestures help the men in their lives in more ways than they could possibly know.

Here is a list of some of the things women do that help their mean to achieve greatness:

  • They provide an alternative point of view.

Let’s face it; men see things one way, and women see them entirely differently. But when it comes to achieving career success, a different point of view is very helpful. Women will often look at a situation and see ways things could be handled differently to achieve a better end result. These finesse points often make the difference between a product that is simply good and one that is exceptional. 

  • They offer “reality checks.”

It becomes all too easy for us to start to believe that everything we say and do is right. But sometimes we need an objective observer to point out where we are going wrong. Sometimes the women in our lives will tell us we need to apologize to make sure a relationship. Other times, we might need to take a different approach to accomplish our goal. These reality checks keep us grounded, but they also prevent us from making larger mistakes which could be detrimental to our progress. Though we never like being told we are wrong or that we need to change, a woman’s perspective on the matter is often the very thing we need.

  • They do work behind the scenes.

Though sometimes they do complain about it, women often do behind the scenes work, so that we can attend to other things. They are often the driving force behind the clean laundry hanging in our closet and the meals placed on the table before us. Their nurturing and practical helps free up our time to devote to the things that are important to us. Though many men do assist with household tasks, most often it is the lady of the house who takes care of the day to day chores, freeing us up to pursue our goals. It is their labor of love that lays the foundation for our successes. 

  • They act as a sounding board.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Though women are natural born talkers, they can also be great listeners. Your stress levels will be greatly reduced simply by sharing what is on your heart with the woman you love. You can even bounce ideas off them and get some objective feedback. This allows you to try things out on a neutral audience before putting them into action. 

  • They are the source of encouragement.

When you feel as though you have blown it and there is no coming back from where you have been, you can turn to the lady in your life for encouragement. Women make excellent cheerleaders. To have the woman you love in your corner can bolster the spirits of even the most discouraged man.

In times of disappointment, women are wonderful at pointing out how far you have come in your journey and how many successes you have already experienced. They are masters at uncovering the silver lining. You may come home feeling defeated, but after some time spent with the one you love, you will feel energized to try again. 

  • They are a powerful motivator.

Men have been trying to impress women from the beginning of time, and the truth is there is no more powerful motivator than the approval of the right woman. We want to be their knight in shining armor. We want to be admired and cherished. This desire within us compels us to work harder to reach the greatest personal heights in our career paths; all for the reward of pleasing the women we love.

Yes, it is true that behind every great man is a great woman. Why not pick up some flowers to show your appreciation for the lady in your life today?



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