Best Couples Therapy Sites and Apps

At some point, every couple feels a strain on their relationship. While it’s natural for relationships to require work and compromise, there’s no shame in seeking help. Couples therapy is a growing service that helps couples reconnect and better understand each other. And, whether you believe you need it or not, couples therapy can be very valuable in giving people tools of communication that can help them in all walks of life.

With the help of the  full list of couples therapy websites provided by, along with some popular mobile apps, we have compiled a list of options for couples to consider when strengthening their relationship.


Owned by industry giant Teladoc, ReGain is a popular website that provides affordable online couples therapy. The U.S.-based site has over 1,500 licensed therapists and takes all of 5 minutes to sign up.  The positive reviews mostly stem from the flexibility of the service, offering text, audio, or video communication with the therapist for a modest $65-80 per week.

Furthermore, it’s not just one of the cheapest licensed therapy options, but has fantastic value given that it’s totally specialized in relationships. Furthermore, therapists are matched within a day and reply on the chat on-demand, showing that ReGain has the technological prowess of many of its competitors.


Talkspace is a startup that spearheaded online therapy. Making use of influences like Demi Lovato and using state-of-the-art technology, the Talkspace app epitomizes cheap, convenient online therapy. It’s a safe option for online couples therapy, has guaranteed response times (5 days a week), and even accepts insurance.

However, Talkspace is not a couples therapy platform specifically, therefore there may be a lack of specialization compared to ReGain. Therefore, if you are in a situation where your partner doesn’t want to join in with the therapy sessions, Talkspace is a strong option for individual relationship counseling. Plus, evidence shows that it’s still worth getting couples therapy alone when the partner is resistant.

Date Night Deck

Sometimes what is lacking from a relationship is just a little bit of spontaneity – a spark that may have existed early on in the relationship but life has since gotten in the way. Date Night Deck is a good way to break out of a complacent routine or uninspired repetition. The mobile app is not a form of therapy, but instead creates fun and unique date ideas.

And, it is during these date nights that relationships can have a chance to heal – a time without distraction. The app contains a shared calendar, unique ideas along with the ability to save and share the ones you like. It’s also interesting to look back on your history of dates too, which can invoke nice memories and be a source of reminiscing.


Going back to therapy, Amwell is perhaps the most professional and formal way to receive couples counseling. Costing a little more at $99-119 per meeting, Amwell is a billion-dollar telemedicine company that connects patients to doctors and therapists for a very wide range of issues.

Amwell offers worse technology (no text messaging) and fewer therapists, so why even consider them? Well, Amwell has top-tier service with great customer service, and it’s also a place that you may want to use for other conditions, like psychiatric treatment for example.


Relish is a mobile app that costs $99 for six months with 2-user access. There is no face-to-face therapy here, but instead an app that hosts a range of video lessons, quizzes, and journal activities. With its roots in sound therapy practices, Relish seeks to help couples develop a stronger bond through lessons in how not to bicker, mindful reminders, and a journal that invokes deeper reflection. The 5-minute-a-day app is a way to build small steps during your downtime, making it a great supplement (not substitute) to couples therapy.

Pride Counseling

When describing Talkspace as an industry giant, it’s important to clear up that the field often feels like a two-horse race, to which Betterhelp is the competitor. BetterHelp offers a very similar service to Talkspace and for a similar price range. But more interestingly, Pride Counseling is owned by its parent site Beterhelp and is solely focused on LGBTQ+ clients.


Therefore, for those in a same-sex relationship or who have specific issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community, Pride Counseling is a wise option. The therapists are of course specialized within this area, there are good security and privacy features, a financial aid program exists, and ultimately, it uses Betterhelp’s incredible network of technology.


What is the best way forward?

There is no scenario in which couples therapy is an utterly damaging idea. In some cases, it may make a relationship worse before it gets better, or it may break a relationship entirely. But, this will only be because bottled-up issues are actually surfaced and confronted, which is necessary to having a healthy future. However, even in severe cases where a divorce is ensuing, couples therapy can save a relationship in the deep waters.

However, this doesn’t mean that couples therapy should always be pursued. Those in an abusive relationship may deem breaking off the relationship entirely as a better idea than therapy – perhaps one that is prioritizing their safety, too. Likewise, couple therapy for narcissists is not always helpful, particularly when the individual is unwilling to admit that they have a problem. However, couples therapy can help decrease levels of narcissism with a patient willing to receive help.

The reason for that is that there is simply no substitute for therapy. No mobile app or weekend break will be able to replace a licensed therapist giving you the tools to communicate better and understand each other. Generally, it is recommended to start here with a platform like ReGain, Talkspace, or Amwell depending on budget and other preferences, and then supplement this with journals and other applications.

Final Word

Overall, online counseling for couples is proven to be highly effective. It not only strengthens existing relationships but gives individuals the tools to prosper in other areas of their life (and future relationships). Whilst Amwell is arguably the highest quality therapy provider on the market, out of the best couples therapy websites, ReGain appears to be the best value for most situations. In regards to couple therapy apps, there is no single best option because they all offer something different.



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