Breaking Up With Your Hairdresser

You have had the same best hairdresser friend for a while. And though you don’t see her very often, you depend on her diligently every 6 – 8 weeks to make sure that you’re at your best! Then suddenly, one day – you get the inkling or the notion that you may want a change. After all, she (or he) has been doing your hair for the past 4 years and you are getting bored with your look. Or, you have noticed that the longer you stay with her, the less attention she seems to pay to your hairdo and style. Your hair is growing out faster, or the color just isn’t quite as nice as it used to be. So you begin your hairdresser infidelity by texting a friend whose hair you adore and ask her for the name of her hairdresser.

Are you breaking up with your hairdresser?

Sometimes, the break up happens by accident. You go in to get your brows tweaked and a quick trim, disappointed to find your regular hairdresser is out sick and someone new does your hair in her absence. Instantly, you are in love with your new look. Unfortunately, they work at the same salon and you are faced with the difficult choice of completely pissing off your regular hairdresser by ‘cheating’ on them with one of their co-workers. On the other hand, YOU realize you are paying for a service and wonder if your happiness shouldn’t be the key identifier in who does your hair?

Most women, who break up with their hairdresser, tend to avoid the situation as much as possible. Even though you like the technique of a fellow hairdresser in the same salon – you might find a salon cross town rather than be placed in the uncomfortable position of hairdresser territory wars. Truth is, hairdressers are a dime a dozen. But good hairdressers, not so much. And many women become dependant, and completely loyal to one hairdresser – even going into mini panic attacks at the thought of handing over control over their hair (often seen as one of the most prized female possessions) to another person. So if you get caught cheating on your hairdresser behind his or her back and then need to go back one day, how will you handle the discomfort?

The good news is that there are some tips to handling the hairdresser break up that can make it easier on you and your hairdresser.

The first tip, provided by Jodyne Speyer, author of “Dump ‘Em: How to Break Up With Anyone From Your Best Friend to Your Hairdresser,” recommends

“being as specific as you can. For example you can say, “I noticed that this last haircut grew out a lot faster than the previous ones” or “The color had more yellow than usual.”

In her book, she urges women to be upfront and honest about their feelings before situations get to a state where they are tempted to become sneaky or deceptive. Considering that the hair dressing industry is extremely competitive, and that you are a client and your hairdresser provides a service – the relationship should be handled as such and professionally. While a woman may be comfortable complaining about the service she received at a restaurant, most are not that assertive when it comes to their relationship with their hairdresser. Plus, by giving your hairdresser a heads up, she will likely get the notion that you are planning a break-up if her service and attention to your hair is not improved immediately. Most hairdressers, who work hard for their clientele, while react accordingly. If they get angry or resentful – then simply walk away.

It is also important to give your hairdresser an opportunity to fix the problem. If you come home from and feel that your service was all wrong, don’t be afraid to call them up and let them know about your complaints. A good hairdresser will set you a follow up appointment to help rectify the problem at no charge. And when you speak with your hairdresser, be candid. Rather than go overboard with niceties to try and cover up how you truly feel – get straight to the point. This key in communicating effectively will let your hairdresser know up front that you mean business and won’t simply be settling for her service any longer. She or he can either straighten up, or you can quickly and easily find someone else.

It is important to note, that sometimes – a change in a hairdresser is exactly what you need. It might not be that your hairdresser did anything wrong one way or the other. But in every woman’s life there is a need to change their hair and update their look. Often, the hair dresser becomes as comfortable with the ‘regular’ you as you do – and since they know more details about your personality, they may not be as quick to offer up new ideas and update your look.

Bottom line is it your money, your hair, your choice. You shouldn’t feel bad for dumping a hairdresser. Doing it dishonestly, and sneaking around will only make you feel as though you are doing something wrong. Many hairdressers admit to wishing that certain clients would dump them – and some even use the technique of ‘messing up hair,’ purposely to try and get a client to switch.



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