But Why Mom – Because I Said So!

Don’t forget to brush your teeth and comb your hair and when you meet a stranger it’s not polite to stare. When it’s cold outside you need a hat on your head and it is always polite to make your own bed! Change your socks everyday and your underwear too and try your very hardest at everything you do. You need to go to bed early and get up before the sun and work each day to have lots of fun. Eating chocolate for breakfast will certainly give you worms and when you play with your friends remember to take turns. You can’t leave the house without giving me a hug and you shouldn’t pull the wings off of all those little bugs. Try to eat a piece of fruit every day and be very careful with the words that you say. Don’t walk barefoot in the grass after a rain and when you wear new clothes try not to get a stain.

‘But Why, Mom?’

You can’t eat cookies for dinner and should drink milk everyday and drinking too much soda will cause your teeth to decay. Thank you and please should be said with heart and it is important to finish everything that you start. Turn the lights off in your room when you are done playing and listen to everything your teacher is saying. When friends act mean or call you bad names never walk away with your head hung down in shame. Instead try to be strong, righteous and true and learn that forgiving is the right thing to do. Never use your fists when your words will work fine and you will walk away from trouble unscathed every time. If a person strikes you first, it is okay to hit and rest assured that mom and dad won’t throw a fit. It is always important to put your best foot first and to drink lots of water to quench your thirst.

You should do as I say and not as I do and always remember that people love you. Keep your elbows off the table and bring your fork to your mouth and pick up the crumbs that accidentally fall south. Be the first one to serve and the last one to eat and when faced with failure know it’s never good to cheat. When you are playing a game whether winning or losing remember how you act is up to your choosing. You should win with pride and never boast and lose with dignity that shows you have the most. There will always be those who are better than you but with hard work and patience you can be the best too. When you see a storm coming from the deep purple sky get your butt inside quickly and never ask why. Don’t pee in the pool, in your pants or the bed and never play alone in Daddy’s work shed.

‘But why, Mom?’

Stay away from plants with three shiny leaves and never mess around with a swarm of live bees! If you get stung by a spider or bit by an ant it is definitely time shake out your pants. Before you slip on your boots make sure to look inside and realize that you never fail as long as you’ve tried. When you are mad or sad or angry or blue take some time to think about what you say and do. If you need a hug or kiss to make you feel better know my arms are ready to wrap around you like a warm fuzzy sweater. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you should eat all on your plate and whatever you do never say the word ‘hate’. The puppy is cute now but will be a big dog soon; spend some time each night looking up at the moon. Remember that houses and toys and cars don’t make someone rich and that reality says there’s no such thing as a witch. The monsters that you fear live under your bed are only imaginary creatures you dreamed up in your head. Never sleep at night with your feet hanging out of the covers and you should always know there is no love like a mothers. As you lie your head down on your pillow at night; say a prayer and say thank you with all of your might. Sleep is the one thing you need most to grow and it is never wise to eat yellow snow. Don’t chew on your nails or your shirt sleeve or pens and you should always remember what it was like to be ten!

You should save your dimes for things that mean the most and always work hard to be a gracious host. When you are out at friend’s house, in school or abroad you should always use manners that would make mom applaud. You brother and sister look high up to you and are watching every little thing that you do. To be a good example for those that are small you should hold your temper and share your favorite ball. Sometimes I will do things that you think are unfair but one day you will realize it is because I care. Never say never or think there’s something you can’t do; your dreams are all waiting for you to make them come true.

‘But Why mom?’

Tell the truth when you can and hold your tongue when you can’t and never hurt someone’s feelings in a mad angry rant. It’s never too late to be all you can be and time is your friend when you are climbing a tree. Learn to let go of the bug who wants out of the jar and always know that your parents are never too far. It is important that you always do well in school and understand that kids who are mean are really not cool! When trouble comes your way and it is certain to; know that your family is willing and able to help you. If you see a rainbow, take enough time to see and admire the beauty that lives all around thee. There are still many things you are too young to try and you should make a wish on every star in the sky. Never be afraid of the tune in your head and take the time to dance and sing every night before bed. Don’t talk to strangers and try to help those in need and never be selfish or stricken with greed.

It’s okay to get dirty and squish your toes in the mud and never be tempted to taste a friend’s blood. Don’t touch the walls or your hair when your hands are all sticky and no matter how much you dislike it give a kiss to Aunt Vicki. Don’t stay up too late or go to bed mad and know that sometimes in life it is okay to be sad. Try not to envy or covet or wish you could be something other than the wonderful kid that I see. Sorry is a word you should never be afraid to say and homework must be done before you go out to play. Don’t pick flowers from a neighbor’s yard and never give up just because something seems hard.

There are many things now that you don’t understand; but if you do what I say your life will be grand. The most important thing for you to do; is to feel all the love that I hold for you. There will be many times, as much as I try, that I won’t have an answer when you ask me why. When those days are upon us and you just must know the answer quite simply is BECAUSE I SAID SO!

‘But Why mom’



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