Buying a Duvet – Keeping You Warm During the Cold Months

The benefits of buying a duvet, versus traditional comforters, for your bedroom are endless. As homeowners look to getting more for their money, going for quality without wasting money, and protecting the environment one smart purchase at a time, trends are being dictated by logical decisions made by them. Seeking out the right duvet or duvet cover is a tricky task but can be done with ease when knowing exactly what you are looking for.

Traditional Duvets

The term duvet traditionally means a big or thick blanket. These first became popular long ago as people sought a less complex form of cover for sleeping. Duvets were first made in Europe and filled with duck feathers. The idea behind them was that they were warm enough, soft enough, and comfortable enough to sleep under without extra sheets and bedding. This term has come to mean something quite different today.

Today’s Duvets

When the term duvet is used today most are speaking of a down filled blanket which can be covered with a duvet cover. These down filled blankets are very popular since they are stuffed with feathers and other materials (as with traditional duvets) which provide a tremendous amount of warmth. In addition to the warmth, homeowners are quite pleased with the idea that they can purchase the most expensive piece of bedding (the main blanket), and slip a duvet cover (essentially a slipcover) over it to decorate. This can be changed at little cost and with ease.

Unlike the traditional duvet a common day duvet is not always referring to a down filled blanket but now also refers to a style of blanket. Most duvets are fluffy, stuffed, and thick. They can now be filled with various types of materials to suit the needs of each individual and budget.

Determining the Quality of a Duvet

Thread Count of Outer Fabric

The thread count refers to the thickness or tightness of the threads in the material. The higher the thread count, the better the quality. As the thread count in the duvet raises so does the weight, thus the warmth provided by it. Along with the warmth and weight, the durability is in addition dictated by thread count. Also, as the thread count increases so does the cost of the blanket.

Quality of Stuffing Material
If choosing a down filled duvet (feathers) then the number you are interested in is the fill power. The fill power of a duvet is the amount of feathers in the blanket. The more feathers, higher the fill power, the better the quality and better it will last through time. This detail when purchasing a duvet is key to get the most for your money and a lasting product.

In addition to down filled duvets, there are a number of materials growing in popularity for stuffing the blankets. Man-made feathers, special cottons, and other soft products are being incorporated into the designs to reduce allergens and improve environmentally friendly appeal. These materials are still subject to the same fill power guidelines and should be judged accordingly.

Added Strength to Prevent Losing Feathers
A quality duvet will have some sort of barrier such as thick cotton lining to prevent feathers from coming out of it. This is a common problem in cheaper quality duvets which have low thread count. If price is a factor, thus thread count must be low, it is important to ensure that the duvet is properly lined and will last years of use.

Fabric Choices of Duvets

Cotton: Popular for being a soft affordable fabric and subject to the thread count guides to determine quality.

Mircrosuede: Known for providing excellent warmth, great quality, easy to care for, and being an affordable option. Microsuede is also admired in today’s trends for fabric choices in bedding based on looks and texture.

Flannel: The warmest of most materials, flannel is ideal for the winter months. The thickness offers exceptional protection and shield from the cold.

Duvets and Allergens

Duvets and duvet covers can be ideal for those seeking an option for bedding that reduces allergens. While duvets are stuffed with feathers or other natural fibers, they have often been soaked in a solution that particularly protects against the particles that induce allergens. In addition to the duvet, the duvet cover also provides protection as it can be easily slipped off and washed. Unlike typical comforters and blankets that are often too bulky to wash and dry regularly, a duvet with a cover can be maintained to ensure good health and an allergen free environment.

Benefits of Buying a Duvet

  • Having a duvet and duvet cover makes it much easier to update the design of the bedroom for less cost. The duvet cover slips off easily and can be replaced with another cover of a different color or pattern. This can save you hundreds of dollars on bedding in only a few years.
  • Duvets and covers are ideal for children’s bedding as they can be washed quickly, or daily, if needed. Also, as the children grow the duvet can be replaced to fit the theme or design of their room. A definite plus for both you and them.
  • The down or fiber filling of a duvet tops any other material in warmth. Having a warmer blanket on your bed can save on energy costs as the heat can be turned down much lower. If concerned with summer heat there are duvet options which provide less warmth and still allow breathing room. This is a matter of personal preference.
  • Duvets are made using mostly natural materials that are harmless to the environment. Another great green option for updating your home according to today’s trends, earth friendly.
  • Duvet blankets have proven to be greater in quality and outlast other blankets by years. It is not a stretch to think of your purchase lasting at least five years and possibly much longer without losing fluff or fill.
  • The comfort offered by duvets is unmatched as the fibers conform to the body and rest nicely. This is the driving factor behind many peoples decisions for buying a duvet.



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