Buying a Lawnmower – What you Need to Know

Are you tired of that old lawnmower that you picked up from a garage sale, or are you buying a lawnmower for the first time? Sometimes it is hard to decide what you need (or want) when it comes to lawnmowers. You will run across a variety of options, different qualities and a wide range of prices when shopping for a lawnmower. Learning about the options, and what they are intended for, will help you to choose the right product.

Types of Mowers

Basically, there are two types of mowers – tons of options – but just two different types. The two types of lawnmowers are reel mowers and rotary mowers.

Reel mowers have been around since the 1800s. A reel is made of up blades that are attached to a revolving cylinder. The cylinder is placed on the lawnmower above a bed knife that holds the grass while the reel blades shear it. Originally, the reel mower had to be manually pushed; however, over time they have been made in electric models. Reel mowers do well on small yards that don’t have lots of weeds. They are friendly mowers for a small job because they aren’t heavy, they don’t make lots of noise, they are easy to maintain, and they don’t have an exhaust like most mowers. They are also on the low side of the price scale.

Rotary mowers are motorized and have a flat blade that turns horizontally to cut the grass. They actually cut the grass, instead of shearing it, so the cut is rougher than what you get with a reel mower. However, it is better than a reel mower for cutting tall grass or weeds. The disadvantages of a rotary mower, when compared to the reel mower, are that it requires more maintenance, it isn’t as environmentally friendly, it is louder and heavier, and it blows exhaust when you’re mowing.

Options for Rotary Mowers

There are several different options for rotary mowers. They are available in electric-powered or fuel-powered models. There are some models that are electric, but cord-free. Deciding what you want in terms of power depends on your preferences. Of course if you get an electric lawnmower with a cord, you will have to deal with extension cords and you will have to access to an electric outlet. Cordless mowers use rechargeable batteries, so the time that a battery will run could be important. If your yard is very big, a gas-powered lawnmower will be best, but of course you will have to haul gas in a gas can which some people just prefer not to.

The next option involves how a lawnmower gets around. There are non-propelled rotary mowers, also known as push rotary mowers, because they depend on your muscle in pushing them around. Then there are the self-propelled mowers, sometimes called a power mower. They don’t actually push themselves around; however, they require less muscle when you are mowing. A self-propelled lawnmower actually has the power to pull itself taking a lot of pressure off you when you are mowing. A push mower is good for exercise, while a self-propelled lawnmower makes it simpler and less physically demanding to mow a lawn.

Another important factor to consider when buying a lawnmower is the discharge of the grass clippings. Mulching lawnmowers that leave the grass clippings on the lawn is preferred by many because the clippings actually help to fertilize the lawn. On the other hand, some people prefer to have the clipping bagged for a cleaner looking lawn. Getting a lawnmower with a bag is also better for people that have allergies to grass.

When it comes to bagging, you can select a rear bagger or a side discharge with a bag. A rear bagger is more convenient if you have obstacles like lawn furniture, fences, trees, and such. Of course there are convertible models that allow you to choose whether you want to mulch, side discharge or rear bag.

The next option includes the engine. It is important to consider the power of the engine when buying a lawnmower, especially if it will be used in demanding conditions. A powerful engine may be required for a large lawn or for cutting lots of weeds. The engine that you choose will definitely affect the price.

Warranties on a lawnmower may be important to you. If you buy a cheap lawnmower with the expectation of replacing it shortly, it isn’t a big deal. But if you buy a top-dollar lawnmower, be sure that it has a good warranty. These are the main things that you should consider when a buying a lawnmower.



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