Buying a Leather Couch – Things to Consider before Purchasing

So, the time has come for new furniture and you are thinking hot, sleek and sophisticated leather. Probably a very good choice because whether you have a house full of kids or a new condo that you are trying to update, leather holds up well and looks great in the process. Of course there are a few things to consider before buying your new leather couch and obviously one of them is cost.

Prices for leather furniture can vary drastically. One retailer may sell a couch for $2500 whereas another with a couch that looks almost the same sells for $800. Probably the cost difference has to do with the kinds of leather hides used for the sofa. More exquisite leathers are full grain and will likely show the natural markings of the hide itself. Cheaper leathers are processed through methods which can dissolve the natural grain markers and give an overall look of consistency. These hides are tanned or dyed synthetically. The salesclerk or tin tag underneath the sofa should be able to inform you to the source and grain of the leather. Just as stained wood shows the grain of the tree trunk some leathers when tinted or dyed also show the natural grains of the hide. Which you like better is simply a matter of taste, although the full grain leathers are normally pretty pricey – so budget may play a role.

The top grain or full grain leather is considered to be the most durable leather, especially for furniture because it is made from portions of the animal hide that are the strongest. The patterned look may not entail any consistency although when dyed properly still holds overall color well and has a certain richness to its appearance. The split grained leather couches will have lines and color discrepancies throughout that are natural to the hide however they are more prone to tearing. Probably not a good choice with kids or dogs in the home.

Most local retailers will either sell aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather furniture. Aniline leather feels the softest, bends and molds more readily but comes with a disadvantage of being much less stain resistant than the others. Semi-aniline is the happy medium beholding the high quality of leather craftsmanship with a slightly higher resistance to stains. Pigmented leather is probably what you find at most discounted furniture retailers or lower end furniture stores. Pigmented leather will cost less, may be somewhat firm or stiff at first; however is the most stain resistant of all. Pigmented leather furniture is the best option for a house with kids or pets and can be as durable as a linoleum kitchen floor. One of the great features about pigmented leather is that it does not soak up or absorb spills. In time the pigmented leather will soften with use and be very comfortable. Unless you are a connoisseur of quality it may be hard to see the difference sin the types of leather. Even faux leather furniture is being fabricated to be highly competitive with true leather.

Make Sure the Couch has a Good Frame

Couches can take a lot of abuse from jumping to sleeping and what’s underneath the leather is as important to their longevity as the leather itself. Most of the time a big difference in high end and low end furniture is the craftsmanship that we don’t readily see. Couches that are softer are usually supported by suspension rods. Firmer couches use a spring system that is similar to beds. The difference in cost here can be thousands. The biggest factor in buying a leather couch is comfort. When you sit down you must be comfortable no matter how pretty it looks. Once you are seriously considering buying a leather couch ask the sales person to let you see underneath and you should be able to easily spot whether or not it will be right for your needs and able to hold up to the abuse that every couch is sure to get. Look for uncovered nails, screws or sharp pieces of wood that can eventually fall off or puncture leather down the road.

Buying a leather coach is truly a smart investment in your home. Leather holds up longer, is easy to clean with a good leather cleaner, repels stains more efficiently, does not trap odors, is less likely to cause allergen problems and offers a timeless décor to any home. They are sure to hold up longer than their traditional fabric covered counter parts and are easier to match with varying pieces in the room. A leather sofa contrary to what you might think is also temperature resistant meaning that it will stay room temperature and not get too hot or too cool as to make it uncomfortable.

If you are interested in buying a leather couch keep a close hold on the amount of money that you wish to spend. It can be tempting to see something beautiful, comfortable and lavish and want to splurge. Consumer Reports advises anyone shopping for furniture to utilize the ancient art of haggling before making a decision. They estimate that high end retailers and even chain furniture stores have a markup of at least 26% on event he sale price of the furniture they sell. In addition to that offering to purchase floor models, scratch and dent or – shopping and haggling during sales will help ensure that you don’t have to settle with a lesser model or reduced quality to get exactly what you want.

Once you know what to look for in buying a leather couch the rest is quite simply up to your preference in style. With more and more options being offered in leather you can finally have the beautiful sofa of your dreams in a wide variety of colors that is sure to complement your living room while making it one of the most comfortable spots in the house!



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