Buying Christmas Presents – Stick to the List and Budget

I absolutely adore buying Christmas presents. It’s the most fun I can have in any store at any given time. I love to track down all the special little things that I want to wrap up in exquisite packaging and place under the tree and admire for weeks, if possible. I especially love it when I get a really good idea for someone special and charge off with my credit card in hand to produce the most amazing little package for them that year.

The lights and the music and the smells naturally all attribute to the experience, something that is completely unattainable any other time of the year. For as much as I love online shopping the rest of the year, my Christmas shopping nearly always must be done in the brick and mortar buildings that provide me with the entire ambiance.

It has recently come to my attention that I am of a unique breed and that most people do not get nearly as charged up over Christmas shopping as I do. This I don’t completely understand but I do remember years gone by that it didn’t excite me quite the same way as it has over the last five or six years.

I like to pretend that I’m all subtle about Christmas, keeping things laid back and full of holiday joy, and there is nothing more joyous on Christmas morning than watching the eyes of my beloved family as they open perfectly tailored to them gifts. It was when I truly embraced the joy of giving that I really began to understand how exciting Christmas shopping could really be. The crowds, the chilly walk in the parking lots, the overall disgruntled individuals took much less of a toll on me when I knew that I was on a mission for someone I love.

It was pointed out to me that I am a writer and I work at home so I have more flexibility than most people when it comes to Christmas shopping. I can go in the middle of the day and since I’m not dealing with the daily traffic it is less likely to affect me. I can’t argue that point, however I can still come back to my excitement over loving people.

Having the ability to accept and to give love in my life is like this constant miracle that I love to rejoice in whenever I can, which is typically daily. The basis of true and honest love is miraculous. If I transfer that miraculous love to the notion of Christmas shopping, how can that not be exciting? Celebrating light and love in a life is very exciting.

How does all this impact you? Perspective. Those who dread Christmas shopping tend to share the old version of my impression of Christmas shopping. Once upon a time I saw it as a dutiful obligation that had to be accomplished by a certain day on a restricted level of income. I found it remarkably exhausting to go out into the chill of the December air and bring myself to endure the shopping mall. But as time went on and I began to adjust my perspective I ended up in this glorious enjoyment of Christmas shopping.

Naturally I am not immune from those obligatory “what on earth am I supposed to get her” gifts. Those don’t excite me in nearly the same fashion. Thus, I tend to schedule those shopping trips to intermingle with the ones that I am also shopping for someone I love and am thoroughly excited about shopping for.

Like most people, my income gradually increased throughout my twenties and Christmas shopping today is not as restrictive as it was when I was twenty two. However, that doesn’t mean I have found a need to hock the house to provide the Christmas presents I want to for my family and friends. There are remarkably good deals out there which can provide a suitable shopping experience for almost any budget. And trust me, I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to have to scale down from where you really want to be. However, I have found that some of the best deals are hiding in those small, privately owned establishments rather than large chain stores that litter the shopping malls, with the occasional exceptions of the giants such as Wal Mart. Many of the small shops offer unique gifts for under $30. It just takes a certain amount of ingenuity and determination.

Shopping over a longer period of time reduces the financial impact. If you spend as little as $40 a week for seven weeks, the majority of your Christmas shopping can be completed without the huge impact on your wallet. And there are ample gift selections for everyone on your list for $40 or less.

With a small budget or an unlimited monetary supply, Christmas shopping is much more rewarding when it is approached with enthusiasm over the joy you can offer those you love. I nearly burst with excitement when I come home with the gifts I want for the people in my life. I struggle to wait until Christmas Day to allow them to open their presents. So often I want to give it to them the same day I’ve purchased it. It’s not really about what is in the package, it’s about being able to bring a deserving smile to the faces of the people I cherish.



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