Buying Quality Sheets – The Extra Costs are Worth It

When determining your budget for decorating a bedroom, it is often the little things that will make the greatest impact. Buying quality sheets is an important element to creating a luxury look and comfortable living. Finding quality can be a great challenge but with the proper education on sheets, and what dictates their quality, this can be an easy and enjoyable step to putting together your bedding.

Understanding Sheet Quality and Thread Count

The basic design and aspects of sheets is actually somewhat simple when broken down. The thread count will determine the quality and should be understood before heading into the store to find the ideal sheet set. It is the thread count that will have an effect on the softness of the sheets, the weight of the sheets, the lifespan of the sheets, and even the appearance of the sheets.

The thread count in a sheet set is referring to the amount of threads per square inch of the sheet. When working to achieve this thread count many different sizes of thread must be used with finer threads being of higher quality thus setting the example of higher thread count equals higher quality. However, the higher thread count does not always imply that the sheets are of higher quality than other lower thread count sets. This is where buying quality sheets can become confusing.

The weave pattern used, and ply of the thread is also factored into the thread count and quality. Certain patterns will make the sheets too thick and thus very heavy, while others will leave them light and fluffy (often preferred for softness). The problems with high thread count comes into play when cotton sheets are constructed with over 400 threads per inch and must be weaved with higher ply thread. This makes the sheets very thick and to some extent stiff. That said, if in the market for high thread count sheets it is important to recognize that you will most definitely get exactly what you pay for. If the high thread count comes with a low price, chances are you would be more comfortable with a lower thread count sheet set. At least the lower thread count would be constructed properly and of higher quality fabric.

Most Popular Fabric Options for Sheets

In addition to the thread count, it is also essential to know what threads are used and know how this will impact the sheets quality. Cotton sheets and polyester blends are generally the most popular, but silk, flannel, and organic are also recognized for quality and comfort. Choosing the right fabric will be a matter of personal preference as they each have their benefits and drawbacks.

Cotton Fabric

  • Jersey Cotton (AKA “T” Sheets) – Jersey cotton sheets are constructed with jersey cotton which is what is also used when making jersey t-shirts (hence the name “T” sheets). The stretch, thickness, and softness have made this a very common and popular form of cotton sheets.
  • Egyptian Cotton – The use of Egyptian cotton in sheets has been deemed key to achieving quality and thread count at the same time. Higher thread count is allowed by the makeup of the cotton, the fibers are longer and thinner, thus can be weaved in a breathable pattern. This has made Egyptian cotton a number one choice when choosing a sheet with higher than 400 thread count.

Polyester Blend

Polyester blend sheets (typically blended with cotton) are a great alternative to 100% cotton for a few reasons. One, polyester is known for shrinking less. Two, polyester is known for being less wrinkly. And three, polyester blend sheets can be found for much less than 100% cotton sheets. All of these benefits come with the product still feeling, draping, and lasting as well as cotton.

Organic Fabric

The world has gone green, and sheets are no exception to the rules of protecting ourselves and the environment. Organic sheets are a great way to be environmentally healthy while still getting the luxurious look and feel in your bedroom. The benefits of organic sheets are even greater than would be assumed when it comes to protecting our environment. With more farmers harvesting cotton without the use of polluting chemicals and machinery there is significant change in the atmosphere of areas high in farm populations. As for benefits to the consumer, organic cotton comes without ever being exposed to poison and still maintains softness and quality but with a higher price tag. Worth the cost if concerned about the future of our planet.

Purchase Proper Sheet Sets for Each Season

Choosing your sheets based on season is a fantastic way to conserve electricity and remain comfortable when sleeping. Each sheet fabric has its own special advantages when it comes to being warm and cool. Knowing which sheets will work best can save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Winter: Flannel or Jersey Cotton – Both are thicker fabrics which create a barrier between you and the cold air in the room. The higher the thread count the thicker the sheet, thus the warmer it will be.

Spring: Polyester Blend or Cotton –Polyester blend and cotton are great for changing and mixed weather because the fabric is warm but breathable. The construction ways of the fabric make it great for cool night and warm night.

Summer: Egyptian Cotton – Egyptian cotton is an amazing fabric that works well in the winter, but is absolutely perfect in the summer as well. A lower thread count in the summer and higher in the winter is a great way of temperature control when dealing with this fabric. Egyptian cotton is soft and light but also cozy.

Fall: Polyester Blend or Cotton – For the same reasons ideal for spring weather the polyester blend and cotton fabrics are also wonderful solutions to keeping warm and cool in the fall.

Features of Quality Sheets

Today there are many great features in quality sheets that make care much more simple and quality even more outstanding. To get the luxury of these features you may have to be substantially more for your sheet set but will find that in the long run many of these bonuses are well worth the extra bucks.

Wrinkle Free: The construction type and quality of work will determine whether sheets are wrinkle free or resistant. This option is usually advertised on the package and can prevent many hassles when washing sheets.

Stain Resistant: Especially important when buying quality sheets for a toddler or child, stain resistant sheets have been treated with scotch guards that make them resistant to heavy staining.

Combed Cotton: Anyone annoyed with fabric pilling will be very happy to hear about combed cotton and its wonderful advantages. In addition to less pilling you will also benefit with much greater softness.

Tips to Decorating with Quality Sheets

Make a Statement with a Pattern
To give your bedding some dramatic interest try a sheet set with a pattern. Turn the sheets down as done with traditional bed-making and let the pattern peep through under the pillows. This is a great way to add more color, detail, and decoration to your bedroom.

Create Luxury with Quality
Buying quality sheets can do much more than pamper you in luxurious softness, it can truly show in a luxury way. A bed that is created with soft luxury sheets will appear that way to others, thus make your bedroom feel rich. Give your bed that look that just calls for people to touch it, just because it looks so soft.

Set a Mood with Texture
The sheets are often overlooked when trying to create texture in a bedroom because they simply seem to be a basic necessity. However today this is no longer the case. Textured sheets (denim, corduroy, silk, velvet, etc) can be just as comfortable and cozy as traditional fabrics but also offer a bit of textured interest to your bedroom. Textured sheets are a wonderful solution when buying quality sheets and also adding value to your rooms design.



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