Buying Wine as a Gift

Heading out to that anticipated social gathering or party? Forgot to buy a gift? Don’t worry, there is a sure fire way to make the recipient happy; buy them some wine. Wine makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for any occasion, and can be picked up at the local wine store or even supermarket while you are on your way.

The questions to ask yourself before carousing the isles are: how much do you want to spend and what type of wine do you want to buy? The answers to these questions will probably depend on how well you know the person that you are giving the wine to.

The amount of money that you have to spend should not be a problem. A respectable wine can be found anywhere from ten to twenty dollars. If you are willing to spend more, that is fine. There are wonderful selections available at the higher end. Do not forget that wine is meant to be enjoyed during festive times or simply during times of relaxation. Either way, the wine will be savored no matter what the price.

Choosing a type of wine may prove to be the harder part. If you know the recipient well, the answer should be all that much easier. Do they prefer reds or whites? Do you know their favorite winery? Is this for a celebration? If so, perhaps a sparkling wine or champagne is the right choice. Celebrations always call for champagne, so you cannot go wrong. Even those who are not crazy about it will have a glass to toast the occasion. Determine choice of wine through what you know about the person receiving it, or the style of the soirée that they are holding or attending.

Once a price range has been determined and you have made a wine choice, it is time to head off to the store. Do not be alarmed if you are unaware of the type of wine that you are interested in purchasing. You can ask the attendant at the store for a recommendation. Give them any information that you have, and together you can arrive at a suitable wine. Going to the corner liquor store or supermarket may be convenient, but there are some disadvantages. At the corner store, you may be paying far too high a price than you would at a larger retailer. The supermarket may also seem like a good choice, but you are usually left marauding the isles alone, as a wine specialist is usually not available. Big bargain warehouses will have a decent wine selection, but there too, you may not get the assistance that you need. Although, if you are well knowledged on the subject of wine, you should have no problem. Be sure that if you are working with an experienced sales person that you inform them of your price range immediately. Be sure that you stick with it and are not talked into a purchase that you will be dissatisfied with later.

If you do not know exactly what type of wine to buy, there are some excellent choices available that are sure to please anyone. The pinot noir always makes a well received gift, as do Italian amaroenes. You could also try to go a different route and purchase a less traditional wine, such as an ice wine or specialty dessert wine. There are endless possibilities. Making these distinctive choices may turn the recipient on to something new, or possibly it will be well responded to due to its uniqueness. Breaking the mold is always a good way to make a lasting impression.

Should you be purchasing wine for a dinner party, there are a few basic elements to consider; such as the taste of the host and the menu to be served. Traditionally, red wines were served with meats, and white wines with fishes and pastas, but this is not true anymore. The pairings are matched today by heaviness. For example, if you are serving a red meat but wish to drink white wine, pair it with a heavy chardonnay with an oaky finish, such as the Rombauer Chardonnay, which is very rich. If you like red wine but are serving a shrimp scampi, try pairing it with a pinot noir, which is much a lighter red.

When buying wine for a dinner party, you may also consider buying a larger bottle, like a magnum. This will accommodate more guests and can be picked up in most stores. Some varieties may have to be ordered in this size.

After you have made your purchase, be sure to compliment the bottle with some type of wrapping. There is nothing less appealing than presenting an unwrapped gift. Most wine stores carry a line of wine stockings or bags that the entire bottle can be placed in. These are an easy solution and usually can be found in many colors and celebratory themes. You can also decorate the bottle at home, giving it a more personal touch. Attaching bows, ribbons, or streamers to the neck of the bottle makes for a festive look. Using flexible, colored pipe cleaners is also an affordable alternative and finishes with a unique and thoughtful look. You could also just try to wrap the bottle with paper, but it can be difficult for some. Try wrapping the base and leaving the head of the bottle exposed, it may be easier.

Be sure to accommodate for these additional expenses in the overall amount of money that you wish to spend. Wrapping should not cost more than five dollars.



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