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Career Ideas for People Who Love DIY

Working with your hands can be a relaxing task and is easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life. A lot of people who like to work with their hands enjoy doing a variety of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects.

DIY projects involve repairing, building, and modifying elements on your own without the direct guide of professionals. People who make DIY projects show high levels of determination, individualism, and adaptability. People who do DIY projects also demonstrate a strong tendency to be self-motivated and driven.

Do it yourself encompasses a broad range of skills and it also stretches across many different lines of work. But did you know that a love for DIY projects might even lead you down a new career path? Many of the skills learned and crafted through the practice of DIY projects can actually prepare you for different career ideas and help you gain more work and skills.

Read on to learn about some career ideas for people who love DIY.

Interior Decoration and Design

Interior decoration and design is a great way to utilize your creative abilities through a hands-on approach.

Especially with modern trends of interior design, many people love warm, simple designs that incorporate a lot DIY themes. If you love DIY, chances are you already have a great eye for design and things that really bring a room together. That’s why trying out interior design and decoration can be a great avenue to explore.

In order to be a good interior designer or decorator, you should have a good eye and be able to make a room aesthetically pleasing. You should be able to blend your own artistic vision with the vision and goals or your clients as well. It’s also important to remember the limitations that your space might have and make adequate consideration of available resources.

Online Sales of Homemade Projects

In today’s global internet age, you can buy almost anything online. From grocery shopping to giant inflatable T-rex costumes, e-commerce is quickly becoming an easy and flexible way of making sales.

One of the areas of online shopping that has really taken off in recent years has been sales of individual shops/stores that sell projects and artwork that are often handmade and specially designed. One of the most popular websites for these kinds of online sales is Etsy.

On Etsy, you can search for items and make an account to sell items to customers. Etsy is a great resource for people who make fun DIY projects and DIY artwork to sell their work. Many people run a shop or multiple shops full time. Many others use it just as a hobby or side job.

Whatever your career goal is, it’s a great way to find people with unique tastes. E-commerce sites like Etsy also have the potential to be stepping stones to launching physical stores.

Contractor Work

With the right additional training and certification, you can build skills that you’ve picked up through DIY projects and apply them to becoming a licensed contractor.

Through contracting, you can choose opportunities to make money that fit more with your schedule. Contracting also lets you build credibility with other clients and work on larger and exciting projects. There are many different types of contractor work that you can explore as a career choice to launch from your interest in DIY projects.

For example, if you are interested in becoming a general contractor, general contractors are good resources for people who have more broad issues and projects. Becoming a contractor allows you to be more independent and have flexibility when it comes to shaping your professional business image.

Moving Forward

For those who are interested in expanding their love of DIY projects into a viable career path, these three options are good places to start. But since DIY projects span so many different fields, there is a wide variety of places that you can jump off from for both creativity and practicality.

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