Caring For Your The Riding Boots

Horse riding boots form the heart and soul of a rider’s riding kit. Riding boots come in various shapes and sizes. Experienced riders will be well aware of the fact that riding boots go a long way in ensuring comfort while the rider rides his horse. That is certainly not all, a sturdy pair of riding boots also helps you protect your feet from foot injuries.

The moment you make your way into the market, you will find various kinds of riding boots. Each of the pairs you come across will feature a unique design, color and finish. If you are planning to buy riding boots for the first time, then have a word or two with some of your experienced friends. They will be able to put you in touch with some of the reliable vendors selling horse riding boots in the UK.

Riding boots are a long-term investment. Therefore, it becomes essential on the owners part to take good care of the boots. Whether you are planning to buy girls horse riding boots or kids horse riding boots, you need to ensure that these boots are being cleaned regularly. Without proper care, your riding boots are bound to lose their shine.

Here is what you can do in order to ensure that your riding boots stay intact:

  1. Keep dust and dirt at bay: Dust and dirt can damage the boot quite badly. Dust also impacts the boot’s overall shine and appearance. In order to ensure your riding boot’s long life, you need to keep it away from dust and dirt. Don’t let dirt settle on it. Wipe it off using a sponge regularly (once every two-three days). If you are using leather riding boots, then keep them away from water. Buy a pack of leather polish if you are owning leather horse riding boots. These would go a long way in ensuring that your boots go a long way.
  2. Use conditioning equipment: It is always a good idea to condition the boots using good quality conditioning equipment. Go for the ones that are manufactured specifically for cleaning boots. Don’t use household cleaners as they might end up damaging the boot permanently. Keep an eye on the manual that comes along. The guidelines on how to wash the boots need to be read carefully. 
  3. Protect your boots from dampness and moisture: Most of the fabrics used for making shoes are not water resistant. Therefore, you need to make sure that your boots don’t come in direct contact with water. Wipe off water whenever you take your shoes off. In this way, water won’t be able to disintegrate the leather. Keep your boots at room temperature and allow them enough time to dry completely.
  4. Use boot trees to maintain the shape of your boots: If you want your boots to maintain their shape, then use boot trees. Keep them inside your tall boots whenever they are not in use. These trees also help enhance the life of your zippers. Cedar boot trees help keep pests and moisture at bay. If you are looking for an economical option, then go for plastic boot trees.

As stated earlier, horse riding boots are a long-term investment. You do not buy a new pair every six months, do you? A sturdy pair of riding boots will stay with you for years to come. It should provide you with a sense of comfort the moment it worn. Make sure you buy the right boot.

Happy shopping, folks

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