Cat Breeds with the Most Sophisticated Appearance

Today we will talk about the most beautiful cat breeds, or rather let you evaluate the TOP-5 “Cat breeds with the most sophisticated appearance.” Of course, for each owner, it is their pet that is the most charming, gentle and beautiful and needs special care, but for those who are just looking at what kind of cat to have at home, this rating can be very useful. So, here is our TOP 11 cat breeds with the most sophisticated appearance.

11th place

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinians are funny creatures that are very curious. They communicate well with any animals living in the house. Due to their high intelligence, which can be compared with a dog, they are easily trained. Abyssinians are very fond of splashing in the water, which greatly facilitates the bathing of such a pet.

10th place

Himalayan Siamese

Most people are unaware of all the breeds that exist today. As a result, when they first encounter a Himalayan cat, they may mistake it for a Persian with an odd hue. It’s quite expected, given that these lovely creatures were created by mixing a Persian cat with a Siamese cat. They resemble Persian cats on the outside, but their coat resembles the Siamese color, and their muzzle, paws, and tail are black in hue.

Himalayan cats have thick, long fur, a little flattened nose, Siamese coloring, and stunning blue eyes. Generally, a Himalayan Siamese cat is very gentle, amiable and sociable and can get along with almost everyone.

9th place.

Russian blue cat.

This is a sophisticated aristocrat, elegant and very beautiful, dignity is felt in every movement.

An amazing combination of a soft and delicate silver-blue fur coat with emerald and slightly mysterious eyes gives it an unearthly charm. When playing with a person, it will never release its claws. Thanks to its high intelligence, it understands the gestures and intonations of a person.

8th place

Reg dollars

Charming animal with expressive blue eyes. This cat has a rather dense build and a long, soft coat. Reg Dollar is a balanced and completely non-conflict cat, absolutely trusting to a person.

It has a very vulnerable psyche, such a cat cannot be punished – it is always the strongest stress for it.

7th place

Siamese cat.

There are many legends about the insidious nature of these animals, but these are just myths. In fact, oriental beauties are a purebred, and very attached to a person, but they cannot stand the restrictions of freedom. Siamese cats are quite jealous, so they do not always communicate well with other pets.

6th place

Persian cat

It is distinguished by a snub-nosed flattened muzzle, giving it a “doll” expression and rich, long thick fur. The Persian cat requires exclusively apartment maintenance. Accidentally finding herself on the street, it simply will not survive, due to exposure to various diseases and the need for human attention.

This breed is unusually attached to the owner, inquisitive and playful.

5th place

Scottish fold

Its visiting card is hanging ears, giving the cat a touchingly funny look. They have a raspy voice and an amazing ability to stand on their hind legs for a very long time.

The Scots are cheerful and playful, easy to train and quick-witted.

4th place

British shorthair cat

They are even-tempered, affectionate animals, generally in good health. It is distinguished by velvet, “stuffed” fur and characteristic rounded cheeks.

Unobtrusive character: with all the friendliness and tenderness to the owner, does not tolerate familiarity. It has a surprisingly good appetite, so it needs nutrition control.

3rd place

Siberian cat

This beauty belongs to the native Russian breeds, mother nature herself was engaged in its selection.

Its pride and beauty is a magnificent fur coat with a double undercoat, it has water-repellent properties and is also hypoallergenic.

A distinctive feature of this breed is the hair between the toes. It inherited it from the steppe and forest cats. The Siberian cat is a proud and self-sufficient animal, it will never beg for food or ask to be petted.

2nd place

Bengal cat

This is a rather large long-legged cat that looks muscular and robust. The wool of this cat shimmers in the rays of the sun with numerous shades of gold. There are individuals of a silver color – they are called “snow leopards”.

In addition to the spectacular appearance, the Bengal cat has an impressive size, their weight reaches seven to eight kilograms. A strong, graceful and agile animal, self-confident and perfectly balanced, friendly and curious, with an instant reaction to everything that surrounds him.

Before we move on to the winner, let’s look at 3 worthy and very beautiful breeds that did not make the top.

Canadian sphynx

The bald cutie is the result of a random mutation that the breeders fixed and turned into a very popular breed.

Turkish angora

Breeding in Europe began in the 16th century, and today, unfortunately, it is already difficult to meet pure representatives of the Angora cat breed, because it was crossed more than once with Persian cats.

Representatives of the breed are very smart and affectionate, they adapt well to different habitats.

American curl

Initially, a stray cat was found with its ears turned out. In the 80s, it gave birth to the first offspring, half of which had the same ears. And soon the real breeding in the USA began. By nature, cats are cheerful, curious, and very playful. They are healthy and strong.

1st place.

Maine Coon

This is a large animal, the weight of which often exceeds 22 pounds. The Maine Coon is a real “domestic lynx”, its “predatory” image is complemented by large ears that end in tassels, like a real lynx, as well as a special characteristic gait, but this is where the Maine Coon’s rapacity ends.

These are very smart and sociable creatures, always cheerful and friendly and even a little shy.

These qualities are organically combined with the independence and pride of the animal, its indomitable hunting instinct.

Every loving owner will say that their cat is the most beautiful in the world and it will be true, because they are all gorgeous and beautiful. Of course, these are not all breeds that deserve the title of the most beautiful cat in the world. Such handsome men as the Persian cat, American Curl, Siamese and Singaporean cats, American Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Snowshoe, Ragdoll, British and Siberian cats, Devon Rex, are also quite popular.

But so far, these eleven breeds have taken their places in our ranking of “Cat breeds with the most sophisticated appearance”.



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