Learn more on how to adopt a boy or girl that is in need of a family. Though the process can be difficult, the rewards can be amazing.

Holidays with an Adopted Child

Leslie Culpepper
For many parents, the holidays are always stressful. The heightened expectations, financial stress and packed schedules that most parents experience around the holidays can make this time of year as...

Adopting A Child From Foster Care

Leslie Culpepper
The term “forever family” is almost ubiquitous in the world of adoption. It is the dream of many children available for adoption to find a forever family, with parents to...

Life In A Family With An Adopted Child

Leslie Culpepper
Life with an adopted child is much like life with other children. All children need food, clothes, shelter, safety, education, discipline and above all, love. However, the needs of an...

Preparing To Adopt

Leslie Culpepper
The choice to start a family, whether you are going to have children biologically or through adoption, is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. For many people,...

Becoming A Foster Parent

Leslie Culpepper
One of the most difficult parts of parenting, and it’s not something everyone experiences, is caring for a traumatized child. Yet the majority of children in foster care have been...

Adopting Children from Foreign Countries

Stef Daniel
Growing your family is one of those things in life that can take many turns. For many people today, adopting children from foreign countries proves to be a rewarding experience...