Since boys and girls do not come with manuals, check out this sound and quality advice about raising children.

The Battle of Wills at Meal Time

Stef Daniel
“When I was a kid, if I didn’t eat everything on my plate I just went hungry! Heck, I might not have even been given another meal!” If that is...

What it Takes to Be a Modern Dad

Stef Daniel
What does it take to be a modern dad? A few decades ago, dads were the sole breadwinners in most households and were responsible for the tasks of mowing the...

Pros and Cons of Having One Child

Rodney Miles
Fallon I have one daughter, Fallon, and she is all I’m likely to have, barring winning the lottery and my wife leaving me at the same time. But then, if...

Buying Clothing for Children

It is truly amazing these days how early kids start asking for the top of’ the’ line’, ‘name’brand’, ‘just’gotta’ have’it”, cause’everyone’else’does clothing. It’s like these little guys are pulled aside...