Since boys and girls do not come with manuals, check out this sound and quality advice about raising children.

Parenting Children By the Book

Stef Daniel
If you go to Amazon and query books related to parenting you will come up with an immediate 63,188 books perfectly suited to walk every parent through the rules and...

Providing the Best for our Children

All parents strive to spend their lives providing the best for their children. It is a natural course of parenthood that compels us to give our children more than what...

Stop Trying to Out-DO Your Parents

Stef Daniel
Back when you were celebrating your 6 year birthday, your mom made you a beautiful, homemade princess cake and let you invite over 6 friends. The party was memorable to...

When Do Children Lose Their First Teeth?

As a parent, you might be wondering when the Tooth Fairy will pay her first visit to your child. You may also be wondering how to handle the pain and...

Choosing God Parents

Stef Daniel
When a child is born the last thing one wants to think about is death. However, in lieu of the birth – thinking about a sudden or untimely death is...