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How to Write Best Application Essay

David Beart
An essential part of applying to an educational institution is writing a quality essay on a requested topic or the one chosen by yourself. This is a decisive moment when...

Are Teachers Messing Up Our Children?

David Beart
A recent article published in The Guardian said it well, “Schooling without learning is just time served.” There is an alarming trend taking place in our schools today. Though our...

Why Raising Upstanders Gets an A+

Susan Raisch
Schools are where children gain knowledge but it’s also the place where they create connection and develop as social beings. Hopefully, it’s a place where they feel they belong. School...

When Children Lose Belongings at School

What do you do when every day your child comes home from school without one or two of their belongings? One day it is their lunch box, the next day...

The Pros and Cons of Living on Campus

Living on campus has been a part of mainstream American culture for years. You’ve seen it happen in countless movies: the child moves off to college and, as a freshman,...