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Teaching Children about Politics

Children are curious about the world, and it seems no matter how much information that you give them they are continuously seeking more. Political views are typically something that children...

Taking Responsibility for Your Childs Grades

A group called the National Coalition for Accountable Parenting is focused on encouraging a national discussion about the roles that parents take when it comes to their children’s grades. It...

Starting Middle School

Starting Middle School is a pivotal event in your child’s life. Coming from elementary school where there was still a party forever-frivolous holiday can make Middle School feel like the...

Should School Children Wear Uniforms?

This issue is one that dates back more than a decade. When President Clinton said, “If school uniforms means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then it...

Should Children go to Preschool?

The pressure to send your child to preschool starts almost as soon as they turn two. Other parents and well meaning family members will begin asking you which preschool is...

Preparing Your Kids for High School

High School. If you have ever seen any of the iconic movies such as, Fast Times at Ridge Mont High, 16 Candles or The Breakfast Club – then you are...