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Learn more about educating your children within our education section. Articles cover preschool to college.

Is my Child in a Good Classroom

As parents, many of us take for granted the fact that that our children are in good classrooms. After all, teachers go through years of education, stringent certification requirements, and

Hiring a Tutor for Your Child

Stef Daniel
There may come a point in your child’s life where you will consider hiring a tutor for your child. You may feel frustrated by falling grades, have difficulty helping them

Is the Future of Education Online Degrees

Stef Daniel
Perish the thought for in-person college professors and administrators. But for the rest of us, the appeal of receiving an online education is becoming more and more, well, appealing –

Is The School System Broken?

Stef Daniel
The news is filled with stories coming out of schools that shout there is too much violence, problems with dress codes, teachers cheating, children misbehaving. You name it; the school

Do Students Get Too Much Time Off From School?

Dan Kenitz
Christmas or Winter Break. Spring Break. Holidays off. “Teachers’ Inservice” days. And, last but not least, the mother of all vacations: the Summer Vacation. These are the hours that students

What Happened to Spelling and Grammar?

Stef Daniel
LOL. OMG. “Your” instead of “You’re.” Misplaced homonymns. Go search around Facebook these days (go ahead; we’ll wait!) and you’ll probably find a common that looks a lot like the