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Do Students Get Too Much Time Off From School?

Dan Kenitz
Christmas or Winter Break. Spring Break. Holidays off. “Teachers’ Inservice” days. And, last but not least, the mother of all vacations: the Summer Vacation. These are the hours that students...

What Happened to Spelling and Grammar?

Stef Daniel
LOL. OMG. “Your” instead of “You’re.” Misplaced homonymns. Go search around Facebook these days (go ahead; we’ll wait!) and you’ll probably find a common that looks a lot like the...

Bullying in the Special Needs Classroom

It is an unfortunate reality that in our schools there is a segment of the student body that displays behavior that is aggressive, cruel, and hurtful. This is what is...

The Importance of Reading to Our Children

Stef Daniel
What is your nightly routine with your children? For many parents ‘bedtime stories’ are part of the routine that precedes peaceful slumber. Not only do the stories provide an incredible...

Starting First Grade – Getting an Education

Starting first grade is an exciting event for children, and a bittersweet one for parents. It means that your child has graduated from the throws of pre-school and is entering...