Becoming a mother is like no other experience. This section contains articles about the ups and downs of motherhood.

Going from One Kid to Two Was Hard

Lauren MJ Connelly
Becoming a mother was one of the most wonderful and difficult things that’s ever happened to me. Everything I’d ever perceived as challenging up and until the moment I first...

What Makes a Mom Sad?

Lauren MJ Connelly
When you’re pregnant with your first baby, you think you’re in for a world of rainbows, unicorns, and magical fairy dust from the minute he or she is born, and...

Do Moms Feel Guilty All the Time

Lauren MJ Connelly
“Mom guilt”…it’s an actual thing. For some women, it starts before they’re even pregnant with their first child. When my husband and I started the process of trying to conceive,...

Understanding your Self Worth

I am a housewife. I cook and clean washing dishes, taking care of kids and finding the dust bunnies in the corner of the room that no one else notices....