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First Pregnancy

Being pregnant for the first time causes a whirlwind of emotions. They can range from excitement, anticipation, and joy to sheer terror, worry, and despair. And worse, there isn’t a...

I missed my Period – Could I Be Pregnant?

Reactions can range from disgraced expletives to nagging excitement and instantaneously the past, present and future feels changed somehow. “I missed my period” can be the words you have longed...

Child Birth Classes

Stef Daniel
More than likely you have been introduced to the idea of childbirth classes from your OBGYN or midwife. Childbirth classes are designed to help expectant mothers know what to expect...

Should I Find Out the Sex of My Baby

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Pregnancy is an exciting time. And for many couples expecting one of the most exciting ‘unknowns’’ of pregnancy is the impending curiosity that comes with the anticipation of the baby’s...

Fertility Supplements

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For many women the idea of pregnancy and childbirth is a dream come true. Not all are lucky enough to be able to conceive with ease and despite concerted efforts,...