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First Pregnancy

Being pregnant for the first time causes a whirlwind of emotions. They can range from excitement, anticipation, and joy to sheer terror, worry, and despair. And worse, there isn’t a...

I missed my Period – Could I Be Pregnant?

Reactions can range from disgraced expletives to nagging excitement and instantaneously the past, present and future feels changed somehow. “I missed my period” can be the words you have longed...

Cloth or Disposable Diapers

Stef Daniel
Cloth or disposable diapers? Is that even a debatable question in these times? Apparently, it is and many people today in the face of environmental concerns are opting to return...

Playing Music to Your Unborn Baby

Stef Daniel
Parents to be love the idea of interacting with their unborn child, and in the last decade, it has become extremely common to see parents playing music to their unborn...

Will Sex Bring on Labor

By the time that you get to the last trimester, if you are like most women – you are literally tired of being pregnant. And as the due date gets...