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Signs that you are Pregnant

There seems to be a great divide among women. Some know their bodies so well that they can almost feel different the day of conception, while others can miss a...

Cesarean Section – Pros and Cons of Surgery

Those two little words are dreaded by millions of women across the world. According to a report by the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology, approximately 2 out of every...

Blame it On Baby Brain

Stef Daniel
You parked your car at the grocery store, only to come out and realize in a sweeping rush of emotion that it has been stolen. You call the cops, and...

Playing the Pregnancy Card

Stef Daniel
Your pregnant, (congratulations) not feeling great, a tad on the swollen side, somewhat emotional, perhaps a little bit nauseated. Someone calls you and wants to come over, or your sister...