If raising a teenager is causing you heartache, check out these informative articles on how to make the teen years easier for everyone.

Setting Boundaries with Teenagers

Teenagers are these odd combinations of very adult behaviors and often appearances and childlike mentalities that crop up to remind us that they are not quite yet adults. They can...

Discovering a Bully in the Household

You’ve probably suspected it for quite some time now. It’s a difficult fact to face and it can even be a scary situation to handle, but the instant you recognize...

Oppositional Defiant Disorder – ODD

Raising teenagers is difficult. By nature they are likely to go through periods of oppositional behavior that can be hair pulling frustrating to deal with. Children and teens occasionally need...

Teen Relationships – Young and in Love

Teen relationships can be highly intense. Some kids feel as though they have met their soul mate at the age of 14, only to move on to find their next...

Grounding a Teenager – Does it Really Work

When teenage mouths are running rampant with disrespect and the chores from last week are still piled high, covering the report card bearing three D’s and one F, grounding a...