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If raising a teenager is causing you heartache, check out these informative articles on how to make the teen years easier for everyone.

Setting Boundaries with Teenagers

Teenagers are these odd combinations of very adult behaviors and often appearances and childlike mentalities that crop up to remind us that they are not quite yet adults. They can

Discovering a Bully in the Household

You’ve probably suspected it for quite some time now. It’s a difficult fact to face and it can even be a scary situation to handle, but the instant you recognize

Dealing with a Teenage Drama Queen

Stef Daniel
Sometimes the changes in your child as they progress from childhood to teen hood occur almost overnight. One day, all is well with the world and your daughter is happily

Sending Teenagers to Boot Camps

With all the negative influences out there grabbing our kids today, sending teenagers to boot camps may very well be a reasonable and loving choice when teen behavior starts to

Violence in Teens – When Teenagers Rebel

It is becoming a common theme as older generations look around and ask the vital question, “What is wrong with kids today?” Violence has become a way of life and