What to learn more about your popular types of beer from around the world, then check out these informative articles about light and dark beer.

Why are Beer Bottles Brown

Beer has come a long way since the days of the cask and leather flagons. In fact, the decision about what to put beer in for storage has plagued people...

Japanese Beer – Trivia and Information

You’ve had Japanese beer with your sushi, I’m sure. But have you ever really thought about it? Like electronics, Japanese beer is an innovation, not an invention. The Dutch brought...

Beer Trivia and Facts

Anything popular develops a history of facts, trivia and folklore, and beer is no exception. Over the years beer has had many “firsts”, and has inspired an equal number of...

Beer and Wine Refrigeration Systems

Most beer and wine aficionados have considered having a home bar at one time or another. A home bar can be a wonderful addition. It adds value to the house,...