Cold Drinks

Learn more about popular cold drinks. Our library of articles covers everything from milk and orange juice to other fruit juices and energy drinks.

Sports Drinks – Are they Necessary

Everyone’s seen them and many of us have tasted them or consume them on a regular basis. They’re those neon-colored drinks that line the refrigerator cases at the local corner...

Apple Juice – Full of Antioxidants and Vitamins

Apple juice is often the very first recommended juice for babies who love its sweet taste and benefit from the important antioxidants and vitamins that apple juice contains. The juice...

Orange Juice – Full of Vitamin C

Who doesn’t love that glass of wonderful orange liquid that appears on so many breakfast tables around the world? Orange juice – no matter in what form you may consume...

Chocolate Milk – Trivia and Information

Chocolate milk is made by taking regular milk and adding cocoa flavoring either in powder or liquid form. Most often consumed by children and young adults, chocolate milk is now...

A Pop-Addicted Nation

America’s Love Affair with Soda America loves its soft drinks. Studies show that, while Boomers and older adults tend to drink coffee in the morning, many of today’s 18 to...

How to Make Iced Tea

While the British love their hot tea, citizens in other countries – especially America – are crazy about drinking it cold. Iced tea accounts for more than 70% of the...