If you have questions about coffee, tea, milk or even how to make a latte, check out the following articles about hot and cold beverages.

White Tea – Health Benefits and Information

Though few people have actually heard of white tea, this unique tea is destined to become the next biggest thing in health teas. Apparently, the Chinese have known about the...

Coffee Producing Regions

Coffee beans are grown in within an area known as the ‘bean belt’,¬† which is roughly bound by the tropic of cancer to the north, and tropic of Capricorn to...

Coffee Facts and Statistics

Did you know that coffee beans are the seeds of a fruit similar to a cherry? Did you know that most of the world’s coffee is grown by small-scale coffee...

Apple Juice – Full of Antioxidants and Vitamins

Apple juice is often the very first recommended juice for babies who love its sweet taste and benefit from the important antioxidants and vitamins that apple juice contains. The juice...

How To Give Up The Coffee Habit

Joel C. Brothers
Upon waking up, a vast majority of adults in the US are almost completely dysfunctional until they have had at least one cup of coffee. Breakfast just isn’t breakfast without...