If you have questions about coffee, tea, milk or even how to make a latte, check out the following articles about hot and cold beverages.

A Pop-Addicted Nation

America’s Love Affair with Soda America loves its soft drinks. Studies show that, while Boomers and older adults tend to drink coffee in the morning, many of today’s 18 to...

How to Make Iced Tea

While the British love their hot tea, citizens in other countries – especially America – are crazy about drinking it cold. Iced tea accounts for more than 70% of the...

Espresso – Interesting Facts and Statistics

Looking for a way to decrease his worker’s coffee break time, Luigi Bezzera created the very first espresso machine in the early 1900s. Espresso has since undergone a great deal...

The Benefits of Black Tea

The English may be the smartest people in the world, for hundreds of years they have specifically set aside a certain amount of time each day for the drinking of...

White Tea – Health Benefits and Information

Though few people have actually heard of white tea, this unique tea is destined to become the next biggest thing in health teas. Apparently, the Chinese have known about the...