Learn how to make a variety of garden, potato, bean and other popular salads from around the world

How To Make A Bean Salad

Joel C. Brothers
The first salad was invented by Og, the Neolithic caveman. At some point, he realized that he was a very poor excuse for a hunter, and often brought edible plants...

How to Make a Tastey Chicken Salad Recipe

Who can resist the wonderful experience of a well-made chicken salad on fresh bread, maybe with a cup of hot steaming cream of tomato soup on the side? I have...

Ceasar Salad Recipe

Joel C. Brothers
Hail Caesar! I am speaking, of course, of the salad, not the Roman. Of all the salads one can order in finer restaurants, the Caesar ranks among the top of...

How To Make A Pasta Salad

Joel C. Brothers
Have you ever been to a potluck supper where someone didn’t bring in a pasta salad? A well-made pasta salad is an excellent accompaniment to almost any main course, and...