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Our fruit section contains a wealth of information about all kinds of fruit from around the world.

Limes – Rich Abundance of Vitamin C

Although rarely eaten fresh out of hand like most other fruits, the lime is highly valued as an ingredient in many food and drink recipes. Most parts of the lime

Lemons – Trivia and Information

The lemon is a fruit with which everyone is familiar. We put lemon wedges in our ice tea, make fresh-squeezed lemonade with this tasty yellow fruit, squeeze it on apples

Mango – Trivia and Information

While the tropical fruit known as the mango may not be a common staple in many of our refrigerators, on many islands it is indeed the queen of fruits. This

Lemons and a Lemon Bar Recipe

With their myriad uses in food and drink recipes, lemons are an indispensable kitchen staple. It might come as no surprise that this fruit has been valued for its fragrance,

Pineapple – Trivia and Information

Despite its longstanding public image as a Hawaiian fruit, the pineapple actually hails from South America. It did not take root in the islands until the 1790, when Captain James

Cranberries – Trivia and Information

Cranberries join blueberries and Concord grapes as one of very few fruits that are indigenous to North America. Early Native Americans prized cranberries for their myriad versatile uses. They mixed

Types of Apples – A Great Source of Vitamin C

People have been eating apples for millennia. The ancestor of all modern apples, malus sieversii, still grows wild in modern Kazakhstan, where it originated. The apple is green when unripe,

Raspberries – Rich in Antioxidants

With its beautiful red color, its sunny flavor that tastes of summertime, and its impressive laundry list of health benefits, the raspberry may very well be one of the world’s