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Check out out these food articles that cover interesting food trivia, facts and uncommon topics about the foods we consume.

E. Coli – Just the Facts

E. coli – you hear about it in the news, usually in stories involving contamination of some type. It’s bad news and makes people sick. But what, exactly, is E....

Hard Boiled Eggs – Cooking the Perfect Egg

Hard boiled eggs are not that complicated to make, however there are ample discrepancies when it comes to the proper way to boil an egg. There is something disconcerting about...

Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Food

Joel C. Brothers
Every so often, trendy words come up, and they become the rage for a while. The current fashionable buzzword is ‘Organic’. Foods are advertised as ‘organic’ in grocery stores everywhere...

Storing Brown Sugar – How to Keep it Soft

It’s happened to every cook – both experienced and amateur. We’ve gotten all our supplies and ingredients ready to make our favorite cookie recipe and behold! The brown sugar is...

Why We Need To Stop Buying Pre-Packaged Foods

The modern world, especially in the U.S., is very fast-paced. There doesn’t seem to be time for anything but work anymore. 21st Century citizens have lost the knowledge of basic...