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Check out out these food articles that cover interesting food trivia, facts and uncommon topics about the foods we consume.

Best Restaurants in Calgary

The Catch This trendy, downtown seafood restaurant and oyster bar blows others out of the water. You have your choice of three different floors – three different atmospheres. If you’re

History of Granola

Has your granny ever told you about the history of granola? You must have spent many cold nights by the fire with her, listening to stories about the good old

E. Coli – Just the Facts

E. coli – you hear about it in the news, usually in stories involving contamination of some type. It’s bad news and makes people sick. But what, exactly, is E.

Food Should Be Enjoyed, Not Inhaled

Joel C. Brothers
In the fast-paced modern world, when every second seems to count, and lunch breaks are often only 30 minutes, start-to-finish, it is little wonder why we all are occasionally guilty