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Check out out these food articles that cover interesting food trivia, facts and uncommon topics about the foods we consume.

History of Granola

Has your granny ever told you about the history of granola? You must have spent many cold nights by the fire with her, listening to stories about the good old...

E. Coli – Just the Facts

E. coli – you hear about it in the news, usually in stories involving contamination of some type. It’s bad news and makes people sick. But what, exactly, is E....

Should You Compliment a Bad Meal?

Stef Daniel
We have all been there. Invited to a friends or family members house for a meal or cookout, praying silently on the ride there that they won’t serve up the...

How to Make Chicken or Turkey Gravy

Joel C. Brothers
When you prepare an exceptionally nice meal, there’s one food that makes the meal very complete: gravy. Some people believe that making gravy is quite difficult; however, it’s actually almost...

Eating Healthy – Change to a Healthier You

As you walk out of your doctor’s office after your yearly physical, all the many warnings and recommendations on what you need to change are running through your head. But...