If you are Interested in the nutritional break down of food, how many calories in that hamburger or barbecuing a steak, check out these articles

Making Chicken Wings – What You Need to Know

Chicken wings are great as an appetizer and also can be used on picnics as a main entrĂ©e. They’re ‘cute’ and great for parties where guests are women concerned about...

Flank Steak – Buying and Cooking

The flank steak is a lean, flavorful, boneless beef cut from the well-exercised belly muscles of the cow. Long and flat, the flank steak’s best-known application is London Broil, which...

How to Make Barbecued Beef Ribs

Joel C. Brothers
Because the success of your barbecued beef ribs depends largely on the sauce and the type of meat you use. the first thing to do is go shopping. You’ll find...

Sweet Potatoes Facts and Fallacies

No holiday meal is complete without stimulating, interesting conversation. So while you serve your guests one form of sweet potato or another, use these facts and fallacies to stimulate their...