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What Wines Go Well With Chicken

Very few tings can stimulate your palate more than succulent stuffed chicken breasts with a drizzle of rich gravy. But there are some who will never be able to experience...

Ice Wine – Facts and Information

In 1794, a wine producer in Germany found himself in a tough situation: his grapes had frozen on the vine and he was forced to press juice from frozen fruit....

What is a Sommelier – Running a wine cellar

Ever go to a nice restaurant and have your wine served by someone who seems to really enjoy doing so? Chances are, this person was a sommelier. Sommeliers are knowledgeable...

What Wines go well with Fish?

Gary W. Peterson
“Red wine with red meat. White wine with fish and chicken”, is an extremely simplistic, and not completely correct answer to the question of what wines go well with fish....

Wine Bottle Labels – Trivia and Information

Is it possible to tell the quality of wine simply by the label? Wine bottle labels offer more information to the trained eye than one would think. There are obvious...