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Buying Shoes for Comfort

Stef Daniel
There is something ridiculous that happens to females throughout the course of their lives. And it has everything to do with shoes. We start out in life as toddlers fussing...

Top Five Fashion Mistakes – Avoid Doing This

While the world of fashion may often seem confusing and overwhelming to many people, there are simple dos and don’ts that can go a long way toward helping you confidently...

Investing in a Nice Pair of Earrings

For most women, investing in a nice pair of earrings is important – especially for business women or women who tend to dress up more than they dress casually. A...

How to Clean Suede Shoes

When people go shoe shopping they keep these four factors in mind: style, price, practicality, and comfort. While suede shoes are stylish and comfortable, to many they seem impractical for...

Dressing Like Your Significant Other

Stef Daniel
Would you ever dress like your spouse? Before you answer – let’s be clear that we are talking about wearing identically matching clothes, such as the exact same t-shirt and...