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Jogging Outside Versus The Treadmill

Shannon Clark
Whether you’re a seasoned jogger who regularly goes out three to five mornings a week to get in their usual workout or you’re someone who’s brand new to the activity...

Involving Your Children in Sports

For many parents, part of the joy of having a walking, talking toddler is the fact that you can finally enroll your child in sports. You have likely been dreaming...

Cross Trainers vs Running Shoes

What is the difference between running shoes and cross trainers? Is there not a very simple answer to this question…running shoes are meant to be worn when we are running...

Common Weight Loss Myths

Shannon Clark
As you go about your fat loss workout and diet program, one thing you must be certain of is that you’re well aware of some of the most common weight...

Joining a Gym – Is it Time to Get in Shape

For someone who has never worked out in a gym or fitness club, the complicated machines, the giant weight stacks and all those awful mirrors are something out of a...