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If you have a headache, had a fall or are not feeling well, check out there health topics. We offer basic advice on common health problems.

Using Your Health as An Excuse

Stef Daniel
Do you know anyone who uses his or her health as an excuse? You know that certain someone who is 45 pounds over weight but says that a decade old

Snoring Treatments – How to Fix the Problem

Snoring is an annoyance that not only affects many individuals all over the world, but also their partners or family members. The loud noises make it almost impossible for many

Erectile Dysfunction – What You Can Do About It

Years ago, women were the only ones cringing with embarrassment because of television advertisements for ‘private’ products that would interrupt their favorite sitcom. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with

Can I Get Pregnant While Having My Period?

Getting pregnant while having a monthly menses is actually quite possible. Many people are rather surprised to learn that it is possible, as those who took the required sex education

Drug Addiction – Where to Look for Help

Beverly really thought she had things under control. Sure, she was sniffing a bit more than she had been a few months ago, but it wasn’t affecting her in a