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Dealing with Mold in Your Home

Penny Swift
It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, chances are that at some stage or another you’re going to find mold in your home. It might be growing on...

How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes

Stef Daniel
Talking about herpes is embarrassing. The problem is that statistics indicate that around 80% of all adults have one form of herpes or another. In older adults – it is...

Facts About Marijuana

MARIJUANA (Cannabis salvia) Marijuana, is the most highly abused illegal drug in the United States. It is a drug derived from the plant Cannabis sativa, and is commonly referred to...

Dangers of the Cinnamon Challenge

Stef Daniel
With every generation, there is always some new way or some new form of living life on the edge that ends up front page news. Years ago, sniffing glue or...

Snoring – What Causes The Problem?

I doubt that there is a person alive who has not been kept awake at some time by someone snoring. Perhaps you keep yourself awake by snoring. What actually is...