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What is Omega 3 – An Important Dietary Fat

Do you have traumatic memories of your parents forcing you to swallow that horrific spoonful of cod liver oil? The fishy smell and oily texture has followed many of us...

Sugar versus Artificial Sweetener

Sarah Burkhart
There has been tremendous debate over the use of artificial sweeteners and health over the last few years while we as a society battle with overweight and obesity. Humans tend...

Obesity – When Weight Become a Big Problem

There is a new epidemic in the United States – one that predisposes individuals to depression and a slew of diseases, several deadly. Before World War II, it was hardly...

Health Benefits of Omega 3 – You Will Live Longer

Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Diabetes? Arthritis? Depression? Or maybe someone you know has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or was told by their doctor they must lose...