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9 Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

David Beart
When people think of alcoholics, they may think of the stereotypical drunk who repeatedly spends his evenings drinking in a bar until closing time, staggers to the parking lot, drops

5 Therapeutic Benefits of the Spa

David Beart
Going to the spa is a rare luxury that allows us to relax, unwind and focus on taking care of ourselves.  While many people reserve spa days for special occasions

8 Signs You Should Quit Alcohol

David Beart
People who know they have a drinking problem are the lucky ones. By admitting they have a problem, they set the stage for being able to reach out for help.

5 Ways to Avoid Injury While Running

David Beart
Humans have been running since the crack of prehistoric dawn. It’s how we avoided predators and how we chased down our next meal. Today, running is still a way of

Brief History of Glasses in Fashion

David Beart
Eyeglasses have come a long way. What once started as a necessity for many people is now a fashion accessory on its own. Today, glasses aren’t the only option for