Birthdays Celebrations

Celebrating or planing a birthday, having a wedding anniversary, then check out these articles that cover the important days and events in your life.

4 Gift Ideas for Every Milestone Birthday

David Beart
If we’re lucky, most of us will celebrate countless milestone birthdays throughout our lives. And while turning the age of 16, 18 and 21 undoubtedly calls for a landmark celebration,...

Teenage Birthday Parties

Several years have passed since planning your child’s birthday party consisted of little more than capitalizing on their favorite cartoon. And even though your child seems so young (and little)...

Birthday Parties for One Year Olds

The first year of life is amazing, and it should definitely be celebrated with a special event when they finally move from the zero spot to securing their first birthday. ...

Baking Versus Buying a Birthday Cake

We all have that friend. Every time there is a special event, she shows up with some incredibly delectable and fancy cake or cupcake tray that makes your hum drum...

What Does My Birthday Say About Me?

Uncanny Looks into the Day You Were Born The signs of the Zodiac have been used for decades to show the pathways of a person’s life, to reveal their inner...