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What Is a Trucker’s Life Really Like?

David Beart
Many people wonder what a truck driver’s life is really like,  especially those considering trucking as a career.  Many have misconceptions, but in fact, this job can be lonely, alienating,...

Guide to Redecorating Your Office

David Beart
For about eight (or even more) hours in a day, you sit in your office. This is where you earn your living, and so you deserve to enjoy working in...

Top 3 Engineering Sectors in 2019

David Beart
Engineering is a broad field. There are many ways to become a professional engineer in 2019, technologies are evolving in this industry and there is tons of competition. Engineering is...

Key Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

David Beart
People with a love of language and a passion for travel should consider teaching English abroad. As any foreign language major can attest, there are abundant opportunities for native English...

How to make Money as a Musician

David Beart
Unlike traditional methods that people use to pay for music (such as by cds, etc.), today, people can listen to music anywhere and anytime; at the click of a button....

Balancing Caregiving and a Career

Lisa B. Capp
Studies, articles and blogs today give caregivers advice on balancing responsibility and managing stress. Whether you can hold a demanding job(s) or advance a career as a primary caregiver remains...