Learn more about Christmas with this assortment of articles ranging from picking a Christmas tree to Santa and buying presents

3 Tips for Overcoming Grief at Holiday Time

Gary Roe
Ah, the holidays. Halls, houses, and lawns are decked with festive decorations. Kitchens are filled with delightful, savory aromas. The air is laced with laughter, familiar music, and the tinkling...

The Pressure of the Christmas Season

Lauren MJ Connelly
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or at least it’s supposed to be. In actuality, countless people become entirely overwhelmed by the “demands” that the Christmas season brings. It’s...

What is Boxing Day?

On a typical American calendar, the day after Christmas is clearly marked with Boxing Day, typically with Canada written in parenthesis to explain that this holiday is not celebrated in...

The Nativity – The Christmas Story

Our nativity scene always went under the Christmas tree, usually with a backdrop of whatever we had created that year for scenery. The nativity figurines were made in my brother’s...