Learn more about Christmas with this assortment of articles ranging from picking a Christmas tree to Santa and buying presents

Christmas – Santa, Presents and Family

The Christmas holiday represents so many various aspects to everyone that it is difficult to encompass it into a single article. Children are excited not only for Santa Claus but...

Traveling at Christmas Time

Oh, the hustle and bustle that is so prevalent at Christmastime can make the idea of traveling to see loved ones quite overwhelming. There are gifts to consider, last minute...

Cutting Back on Stocking Stuffers

Stef Daniel
And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care! Are you thinking about cutting back on stocking stuffers this year, or do the stockings in your home represent yet...

Christmas Cake – The Ultimate Christmas Dessert

The English tradition of Christmas cake never really completely caught on in the United States. Of all the variations of Christmas cake, the Americans focused hard on the fruit cake,...

Christmas Shopping – Stick to your Budget

Santa’s list gets bigger and bigger each year. If you have children, the list normally gets more expensive as well. Christmas shopping is one of those necessary evils, however it...

The Cost of Christmas Continues to Increase

While Christmas gifts are exchanged between people of all ages, let’s face it…it’s all about the children. We go to elaborate lengths to create a mystical atmosphere of good-will, and...