Though Easter is a religious holiday for many who celebrate the resurrection of Christ, it is also a lot of fun when the Easter Bunny brings chocolate for the kids.

Returning Christmas Gifts You Don’t Like

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History of the Easter Bunny

If you are like me than you have got to love the Holidays; my two personal favourites would have to definitely be Christmas and Thanksgiving. These great times bring all...

Easter – Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ

Easter is a universal holiday that can have personal relative meanings to each individual and the celebrations that we adhere to compliment them all. Easter mass, Easter vacation, Easter eggs,...

What Makes an Easter Egg an Easter Egg?

If you dip a hardboiled egg in vinegar and food coloring in the middle of December, is it still an Easter egg? Why do we hide them, paint them, and...

When is Easter – It Changes Every Year

Every year the calendar reflects a different day, often in a different month, representing a haphazard nature that seems like a random drawing determined the onset of this holy holiday....

Making Easter Fun For Children

Without a doubt, Easter is one of the top three favorite holidays for a lot of kids. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out why. Candy. Kids...