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Learn more about Thanksgiving, a holiday that is celebrated in Canada and the United States. We cover everything from the history of the holiday to carving the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Who is Santa Claus – And is He Real?

Ask any child between the ages of two and (if you’re lucky) ten who Santa Claus is and they will have no problem telling you. He is the jolly, full size elf that somehow wriggles down the chimney (or walks right through the locked front door) and delivers presents...

Saving for a Child’’s Education – What is Your Plan

It seems that no young adult is prepared to enter the workforce these days without a college degree. Eduction is one of those invaluable gifts that every parent wants to give their child, but when that child surpass 18-years-old, education suddenly gets quite expensive; especially for parents who have...

Keeping up with the Jones – Do You Really Need all that Stuff?

I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money. The harder we work, it seems the more “stuff” we accumulate and the more we get the more we seem to need. It is not uncommon for people to get locked into a material battle as they...

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