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Learn more about Thanksgiving, a holiday that is celebrated in Canada and the United States. We cover everything from the history of the holiday to carving the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Life without Credit Cards – Can you Live on Cash Alone?

Is a life without credit cards possible? Is a life without credit cards better? Credit cards are such a part of our everyday society that sometimes we don’t even stop and think before we accept our first one. After all, it was usually offered to us in college or...

Facts About Bankruptcy – Claiming Chapter 7

Millions of Americans have declared bankruptcy—and with credit card and school loan debt increasing, chances are that the number of bankruptcies in America will only go up. If your debts are simply unmanageable, bankruptcy may be your best option. However, there are lasting consequences as well—and entering bankruptcy shouldn’t...

Don’’t Buy Me a Christmas Present as I Am Not Buying You One

Every year, around November – the world becomes a buzz with a wave of insincere thoughtfulness. Suddenly, people who could care less what you want all year through, suddenly want to know what you deepest desires are. Everybody wants to be your friend and wants to make sure that...

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