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Learn more about Thanksgiving, a holiday that is celebrated in Canada and the United States. We cover everything from the history of the holiday to carving the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Saving for a Child’’s Education – What is Your Plan

It seems that no young adult is prepared to enter the workforce these days without a college degree. Eduction is one of those invaluable gifts that every parent wants to give their child, but when that child surpass 18-years-old, education suddenly gets quite expensive; especially for parents who have...

What is Palm Sunday – Celebrated Differently by Each Denomination

When I was a kid Palm Sunday was that day in church that those big leafy fauna things were handed out and I always got taken away from me for whacking my brother in the back of the head with them during Mass. I suppose it was a lack...

Christmas – Santa, Presents and Family

The Christmas holiday represents so many various aspects to everyone that it is difficult to encompass it into a single article. Children are excited not only for Santa Claus but at a young age they experience the thrill of buying loving gifts for the people in their life. Adults tend...

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