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The Advantages of Taking Public Transportation

Most people with cars that function normally wouldn’t even dream of leaving their car behind and opting for the benefits of public transportation. Cars represent a sense of independence, freedom,...

How to Reduce Your Household Garbage

The average American throws away three and a half pounds of trash a day. If you were to make a hole the size of a football field and throw all...

Recycling Aluminum Cans – Fun Facts

Why You Need to Recycle That Can Aluminum is everywhere. We see it in soft drink cans, beer cans, pie plates, foil, packaging, vinyl siding, gutters, and more. What most...

Living in a Disposable World

Recently with the release of the Iphone, it became evident just how deeply people believe that we are living in a disposable world. Thousands upon thousands of people were lined...

Why Everyone Should Recycle

Recycling is sort of like exercising: we all know we should do it, but not all of us do it as often as we should—and some of us don’t do...

Driving is a Privilege – Not a Right

So the latest in the newest set of laws designed to help people protect themselves from themselves, are those about texting while driving. In many states across the United States,...