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6 Ways to Tell If Your Cat is Unwell

David Beart
It is difficult to tell if your cat is having a health problem because cats tend to hide illnesses. Also, animals do not have an emotional connection with discomfort or...

How to Take Care of Your Aging Cat

David Beart
There are many considerations to account for when you are taking care of a cat. Things like weight, activity level, environment, and attitude are all variables that cat owners need...

What Causes Cat Vomiting?

As any cat owner knows, cats frequently vomit. What causes cat vomiting, however, is not always so easily determined. The normal, healthy cat may routinely vomit once or twice a...

How Can I Tell if my Cat is Sick?

Cats are many things. Some are energetic, playful and loving. Others are lazy, grumpy and aloof. One thing that most cats are not, however, is complainers. What that means is...