If your cat is pregnant or think she might be, check out our cat reproduction section as we cover gestation, birthing and what to do when the kitten are born.

How to Wean a Bottle Fed Kitten

Few things can touch the heart of a cat lover like a newborn kitten that has been orphaned or abandoned. In order to survive, these helpless creatures will need intervention...

What Does It Cost to Get a Kitten Neutered

Some people choose not to neuter their cats. This really doesn’t make sense. Think about it, what does it cost to get a kitten neutered? If you stop and think...

Cat in Heat – Is your Cat in Season?

The word queen is used to describe any female cat of breeding age. A queen that is experiencing estrus, which is the female reproductive period, or heat; often referred to...

Pregnancy and the Birth of Kittens

Breeding cats can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, before undertaking a breeding program, it is essential to understand what this involves from the time of mating to the time...

What Does it Cost to Get a Kitten Spayed?

If you have recently brought home a new kitten, you probably have several questions about how to best care for your new pet. One of those questions may be what...

Understanding Cat Reproduction

A cat reaches reproductive maturity between five and nine months of age, or upon the time they reach 4.5 to 7.0 pounds in weight. It is possible for domestic longhaired...